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July 2010 Weddings

Invite Questions

Hi all, I know I've been MIA the holidays were CRAZY! but a ton of fun, and then I ended up sick and have been off work the past two days!

Anyways, we are getting ready to send out our save-the-dates in the next month or so, and i was wondering if you guys just made them casually addressed, like John and Jane Smith or Mr. and Mrs. John Smith. 

Also, do you think for the invites it is tacky to write how much the rooms on the hotel block cost?  I just don't know how else they will know.

And finally-we are having pocketfold invites so there will be no inner envelopes.  Do you just write who all is invited on the outer envelope? 

Geez anyone else starting to get a little stressed about all the details?  I STILL don't have a finalized guest list or address list finished, need to order the BM dresses, do the hotel block, meet with the officiant, it just seems like there's a ton to do and time is just flying by!!!!  It's getting so exciting though!
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Re: Invite Questions

  • We addressed them formally, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. 

    We have a hotel card in our invite that says, "A block of rooms has been reserved at the Courtyard Marriott in ___________.  Please reserve by June 24th by calling ----------, group code _____.  We don't have the price on it because we're still negotiating.
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  • Ahh!  The hotel near me said to call back in March about blocking off rooms!!!  I guess people don't stay in Stafford all that often?!

    On my pocketfolds, I think I'll write the informal names on back of the "fold" and insert it in the envelope so that the "decor" is in the back...like another envelope. 

    My sister cut small rectangles in a neutral and backed it with an accent color  and put that where the "decor" would go....

    • I addressed mine informally ("Smith Family") but I did mine in holiday cards.  I dont think it matters
    • No, I dont think its tacky to write the hotel cost....guests dont HAVE to book there...its usually a cheaper rate.
    • I am doing pocketfold invites too, I think yes, just write exactly who is invited on the outer invites.
    • YES, I ONLY stress about the little things.  For some reason, the fact that I do not have a florist doesn't faze me, but I will lay awake at night wondering things like, what time will I need to get my nails done on that day?

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  • I didn't do STDs but think a less formal name would be appropriate.  Just make sure that if you're only going to invite Mr. & Mrs. Smith when the formal invites that it doesn't say "Smith Family" on the STD. 

    I think you could go either way with writing the price for the hotel rooms.  I personally don't find it tacky, but it might be better for that info to be left on the website instead of the invitation.

    As for names on the invites we don't have inner envelopes either.  I'll just be addressing it to Mr. & Mrs. John & Jane Smith, or some version of that.  I like to include the wife's name for some reason.  I guess it's the hint of feminism my mother instilled in me, lol.
  • my save the dates will be "Jack and Jill Smith" on the envelopes... I tried to ditch the inner envelope on the formal invite and my gay friend said that's not even an option!!!

    Ours is going to have several cards. We have the regular invite and then an additional card that says:
    A dinner reception to follow at:
    Blah Blah Venue
    Street Address

    We sent the following message about the hotel block to out of town guest only in the Save the Date.

    A block of rooms has been reserved at the:
    Blah Blah Hotel
    Street Address

    Please ask for the "Smith+Jones" block
    Wedding rates begin at $109

    I worked and complained HARD for that $109 so I WILL be publishing it!! Its so awesome that planning a wedding is like bargining for stuff in a market in  a 3rd world country.

    And as for all the rest of the stuff... I haven't done it-- no BM dresses, no florist, cake or DJ, no finalized guest list or address database......like Lyss above, I'm not worried about stuff like that... instead I fixate on the fact that I think its odd/weird/tacky/unecessary for my mom to include the following day BRUNCH invites in our formal invitation. (sorry, small vent)

    I don't post much but I do heart this board!

  • We're addressing our STDs informally and will be more formal for the actual invitation. Our RSVP cards will be customized for each invite with the names of everyone who is invited - so the outer (and only) envelope for the invites may not include EVERYONE who is invited (ie. family of 4, invite will be addressed to the parents and then the rsvp will have all 4 family memebers names on it)

    Right now, we have our hotel block rate included on the accommodations insert. I hadn't even thought about whether it should be there or not! But now, maybe we'll take if off the insert and just leave that information for the website. I don't think it really matters either way.
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  • - We sent our STDs with our Christmas cards, so the STDs were very informally labeled, but I only put the names of the people invited.

    - When we book the hotel block, I will be putting prices on the accomodations card... mainly because that could be a deciding factor for some relatives who are in state, but an hour away.  If they can get a cheap, nice room, they may just stay in the area and party a little harder with us.

    - We are doing pocket folds too... but I am going to purchase an extra outer envelope.  paperandmore.com has envelopes a bit bigger than the ones from cards and pockets, and the whole cards and pockets set fits perfectly inside that envelope.  They're not too much extra in $$ and they come in white, so I won't have to worry about the postman/woman being able to read the addresses on my red envelopes.

    - All I worry about is the little stuff!!!  My newest obsession is the 25 different centerpiece ideas I have floating in my head, and FI likes at least half of them, so who knows, we may have a different centerpiece at every table!!!  I also worry about the fact that we are not inviting "and guest" to anyone unless we KNOW personally their significant other.  Basically, I'm afraid that people will be offended that they are not invited with "and guest" if they have been dating someone for a month.  I know how some people are totally against that, but we really can't  afford to have our cousin's "flavor of the month" at our wedding.  (I also know how non-pc that sounds, but I can't help it... money is REALLY tight!)
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  • jints - we're doing the same things with plus ones.  If they weren't dating when we sent the STDs (8 months out) then they're not invited with a date unless they're in the BP.  It's fairly common.
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  • Doing exactly what saisong is doing...no "and guest" unless you're currently dating them. We have one BM who is not in relationship and hadn't planned on offering a guest for her...is that wrong of us?! She'll be traveling from out of state so I'm not sure that she would even have a date to bring...maybe one of her girl friends or something....

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