Back to almost square one

My FI and I have decided to officially change venues and possibly change the date. We are concerned about not being able to save enough money in a year and we would prefer to buy a house before getting married. 

So now we are looking for a venue that holds around 175 people and allows your own caterer and alcohol, so we can save money. We are looking at swim and racquet and olde gahanna sanctury, as of right now!! 

Re: Back to almost square one

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    Will you lose a large deposit by switching venues, or are you giving enough notice that you'll get it back?  You could cut the guest list a bit, or decrease your dinner options (ie go from 3 entree choices to 2, etc) to help with the cost of things.  If you need more suggestions for venues, I'm sure this board can help you out!
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    I will loose the deposit but no matter what I do I will save close to 7000 dollars by switching venues so i don't mind loosing the deposit and I think it will be more us. I think we were lost at the beginning and now we are really thinking, thanks for you help. 

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    My friend got married at Olde Gahana Sanctuary. She was able to do her whole wedding for about $8,000. She said the sanctuary was super easy to work with.
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    I toured the Old Gahanna Sanctuary and really liked it!  It is nice because you have it the ENTIRE day, and I have heard if there isn't an even the night before, they will actually open it up for you and let you decorate.  Plus you can basically do whatever you want as far as catering, etc.

    The Swim and Racquet Club looks really nice too, although I have never been in there.
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    Honestly, I'm quite the avid bargain hunter. I compared and contrasted venues that offer catering and ones that make you get your own. The best deal I found was at the Makoy Center in Hilliard. They have exclusive catering but their prices are very reasonable and they will work with you to make everything come together. Also we learned that by doing an afternoon wedding we could save 4,000 dollars. I'm not picky about the time so it worked for us. Take that into consideration too! For the ceremony, food, drinks, set up, and venue it will be about 4700
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