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May 2010 Weddings

My First Nightmare

So I must have jinxed myself when I said no nightmares yet in a post late yesterday.  Because I had one last night!!  

It was 4:00 and one hour to the ceremony.  I wasn't dressed, I didn't have my hair or makeup done - why didn't my stylist come to my suite?! - where is she?! - none of the BM's were ready either.  I never did any of my pre-wedding trials or pampering (which I can live without in real life but in the nightmare was catastrophic).  When I went to the salon in the hotel to get squeezed in, everyone working there was in a BM dress for a wedding of their co-worker - they were closing in 10 minutes.  And when I put my slip on, it was black for some reason and you could see it through my dress!  And I didn't have any of my day-of to-do lists ready to hand out to the family members who are helping.  And I didn't do half of what's left on my to-do list prior to the wedding day.

It was very scary!  And I was uber relieved to wake up.

Anyone else have any nightmares they care to share?

Re: My First Nightmare

  • I'm glad to know I'm not the only one suffering from wedding nightmares. Of all the nightmares I've had (most involving being completely unprepared), the worst I had was when everyone said the reception totally sucked and no one was having any fun. So everyone decided to leave my reception to get margarita's at a nearby Mexican restaurant.

    Another dream involved all my bridesmaids showing up wearing sequenced mini skirts in every shade of the rainbow. Yuck!
  • I had one where for some reason we had to get married right away, like the exact day it happened to be in the dream. We had to drive to some church in another state because it was the only thing available, I didn't have a stylist or make up artist, my dress wasn't ready, and I didn't have my shoes! I was running around like a crazy person, half of our guests couldn't come, they played the wrong music for me to walk down the aisle, and we had no flowers. It was HORRIBLE. I woke up in complete panic mode with my heart pounding out of my chest!! We're not even having a church wedding and I would die before I didn't get to wear my Louboutin's down the aisle with my dress and all of the work that will be going into it. I am such a control freak and always have lists and triple check everything so for the whole thing to be so unorganized and nothing like what I'm planning it was the worst dream ever! I swear I could not go back to sleep. In fact, I am feeling very stressed out right now just talking about it lol.

  • hrchick - mine sound really similar to yours, i.e. I wake up and nothing is done and nothing is prepared. I've had a few so far but none yet.

    Usually though I dream stuff that's not going to happen, so I take this as a good sign that I'll be totally prepared on the day!

  • Mine was similar to your but it was my bridesmaids refused to get their hair done or get dressed which caused me to not be getting dressed and the flowers were fake instead of real and we had paid for real.
    Anniversary Photobucket
  • Oh no! It sounds horrid! I've had a few now, but the most vivid is the one where I am wearing my dress at the venue but I don't know what day it is and whether it is my wedding day or I'm just visiting... I don't recognise any of the guests and I'm too scared to ask anyone the date, in case it's my wedding date and they think I'm stupid. I've got no makeup on, my shoes are at home and I look a mess. I woke up in such a state!

    These dreams will mean we ensure we get things done!!!
  • I had one 2 nights ago that I went to pick up my dress and it was totally wrong.  Like 1980's long sleeved with sequins and was more of a beige than an ivory. And they sales people kept trying to convince me it was what I ordered! I don't know if I can take another 5 months of this! :)
  • Only one I've had is that my reception was being haunted by rail workers since I'm getting married at a museum that used to be and sitll is somewhat a train station. And the dinning room we're going to be in has a huge window that over looks part of the museum that used to be where the trains went out. But the ghost was in over alls and it was like he was hit by a train. UGH worst dream ever.
  • spongejenspongejen member
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    oh gosh, the few i've had have been horrible, and mostly similar.  i, too, woke up on the day in the dream with nothing done and for some reason having to get married that day.  one of them i woke up (in the dream) and came downstairs in my parents' house, and there were 3 or 4 family members there, dressed all nice.  i was confused and they told me fi was in the basement.  i went downstairs and he was there in his PJs, and i asked what he was doing and he was like "duh, it's the wedding day!" and was all ready to go.  i tried to protest since nothing was done, i didn't have my dress, and we were in a freakin' basement! no one would listen and was telling me i was being silly, and we got married in the dark in the basement.  i was wigging out the whole time and i was so sad there were only like 3 people, none of the BM/GM, or our friends.  also my parents forgot to come downstairs to the basement for the ceremony and so they missed it.  ugh.
  • Sponge: I totally just spit diet coke all over from your "duh it's the wedding day" HAH!

    Onlymels: Are you getting married at Union Center?
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