Anyone have recommendations for a videographer in the $1,000 range?  It's something we definitely want, but don't want to spend a lot of money on. Thanks!

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    Check out this post from a few days ago, It has a lot of videographer recs and I think they are around that range
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    We used Dan Shallenberger from Poetic Cinema.  He is a bit more than $1000, but what he does is PHENOMENAL.  He creates the most romantic memory that I could not imagine not having.  He is a master at what he does and a super nice person.  Check out his website and blog.  He may have some packages right around

    He is well worth EVERY penny!

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    I was not going to have a videographer, but recently we found one we really like and are considering booking them. They are $1200 for their basic package. My FI's cousin knows them personally and their 5 sample videos online are great (in my opinion). Our photographer is Michael Bambino and Co and we love his videos but they are way out of our budget! We thought this place might be a good compromise. 

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    We originally weren't going to have a videographer, but I saw the trailer Matt Pine with Lifetime Video did for one of my friends and I kneew that I had to have him.  For me, it was all or nothing, it was him or no videographer.  Yes, his prices are more than $1,000 but what he does is simply amazing.  Check out his blog (link below)- I have to AW and say that he currently has 2 videos up from our wedding: the first one on his blog "the boyz" and the thirs one on his blog "Baby Hold On".


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    Dan Roark with Roark Productions.
    He's a professional videographer for a local tv station and shoots weddings on the side. He has done several knottie weddings and I'm sure he can send you examples of his work. I highly rec him!!
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