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Bachelor Party

What is your FI planning or his Best Man planning for this?

My FI wants one but doesn't know if it will work. I am trying to give him ideas but he is turned off by the fact that no one is centralized anymore. All of his friends are all over the country now -- Should I just tell his BM to go ahead and try to plan something and invite everyone and see who will come? FI thinks this is a waste as very few will be able. 

I tried thinking of Holidays btwn now and the Wedding for one and looks like New Years, and President Day are the only feasible options. 

It would be nice to hear other's ideas!


Re: Bachelor Party

  • Beachy730Beachy730 member
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    H and a typical stag party for our area, which are big huge parties with lots of guys, food, kegs, raffles and strippers.  You buy tickets to it.  I know many people and many areas think its horribly tacky, but thats how its done in my area and thats what all the guys do for the weddings.  Guys love going to stags, and I've known guy friends of mine to go to stags of people they've never even met because you get a lot and its a fun night.

    I would definitely have the BM plan it though if he's willing too.  Pre-wedding parties shouldn't be planned by the B&G.  Maybe he can even just do a guys night closer to the wedding when people are together.  Doesn't have to be anything big.  Maybe even just camping or fishing for a weekend or something.
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  • iluvmytxrgriluvmytxrgr member
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    My H went fishing with a few of his friends the day before the wedding.  No big parties for either of us.  We weren't into it. 

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    BM is planning it. He is just lost as to what to do and when. FI has no idea what to do either or whats typical. He has never been in a wedding or even attended one. haha
    I am going to suggest the idea of having a guys night the thurs before the wedding. He will have to take leave regardless so if he can get the extra day I think its worth the shot.
    FI doesn't drink and is kinda nerdy and would be fine with playing video/computer games all night with the guys.

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