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bridal pampering package from Mary Kay

so apparently i won a bridal pampering package for me and 5 friends. the mary kay director will come out to my house the night before the wedding and help me throw a pajama party and do nighttime facials and stuff. then she will come back in the morning of the wedding with an assiociate and do our make up for the wedding. 
so it sounds great, but i am a little apprehensive, and i dont know what to expect exactly, obviously this is a marketing deal to try to get more customers, and i dont want a sales pitch, but i like the idea of getting pampered and getting make up done for free.
Does any one know what to expect? or have you had this or done this kind of thing before?

also, i figured we would tip the Mary Kay director and her associate, but i dont know how much would be appropriate, its for 5 girls.
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Re: bridal pampering package from Mary Kay

  • Mary Kay just wants to hard sell your friends.  I wouldn't fall for it unless you think they would really be interested in that.
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  • thanks, you all said what i was thinking you would probably say. i think that mary kay has good product, although overpriced. and being a consultant is more of a sales job than a make up artist job. at the mary kay parties i have been to, i was happy with my make up afterwords.
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  • I'm late to the MK party ;-) but even if you pass on this (which I would) I wouldn't do any facials or try any new skin products the night before the wedding. You might wake up to  an unexpected reaction.
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  • All Mary Kay parties are free (in my experience at least) because they are trying to get you to buy their products.  However, like the above poster, I would not recommend using any makeup/spa/beauty products the night before your wedding that you have not used before.  Your skin could react badly. 
  • I used to be a consultant with Mary Kay.  Everyone wins the "free" bridal pampering package.  It's just an opportunity for the Mary Kay consultant to sell you the products that you try at the pampering session.  They will follow up with hardselling a party to each of your friends, and the "business opportunity."  You apply everything yourself for legal reasons. 

    If you've never used the products before, I would avoid trying any of the skin care products in case you react poorly - especially if you have sensitive skin.
  • I dont think you would get a makeover/make up session worth going to a wedding look with this pitch honestly....

    i would skip it. you or others in your party will be dissapointed and someone will most likely think that is a little cheap...
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  • I would definitely try it!! Why not?!! If the consultant is offering it for you & your girls, grab some wine & let the pampering begin. Any woman is crazy not to!! As far as a sales pitch, practice saying "no thank you" before you get there & enjoy the time with your girls!!
    You will probably get some free samples & products out of it!
    Also when you do need a good skincare line, you will have a contact.
    Note: I would do this at least 3-4 weeks+ before your wedding.
    Have fun! Its your wedding!!
  • I agree with the girl above me. Try it out! It's fun and a fun night for you and your girls ! I prpbably wouldnt do it the night before your wedding though. What if you have a reaction or something. But it is lots of fun, i have thrown a bunch of them and my friends always have a blast!
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    This is an old post ... but I have a friend who does Mary Kay. I love their product, and their cleansing routine has done an amazing job on my skin (seriously -- I get compliments on it, which I never used to get. I have nasty pores).

    She's offered her services for my wedding, and I fully plan on using it. Yes, it is a sales pitch. If your guests are aware of that ahead of time, it shouldn't be a problem. All Mary Kay parties are an attempt to get you to purchase their product, which is overpriced. I swear by their skin care ... so I think it's totally worth the investment.

    The cool thing about their bridal package is that they'll do the entire wedding party, to get a cohesive look. My mom never wears make-up, so I'm nervous about her look. My future mother-in-law wears too much make-up, so I'm nervous about her look too. This way, my girls and I can go and figure it out in advance, and we'll know how to replicate it the day of. In other words ... DIY make-up application, cheaper than hiring somebody for the morning of and risking them showing up late!

    My bridesmaids and I like this sort of thing, so it won't be a problem for us. But, ultimately, it's entirely up to each bride.
  • So there really isn't anything to "fall for"... I was a bride that won a pampering package. I took it, and no.. it's not the day before the wedding. It's months before the wedding! There is no hard selling involved. The products sell themselves. :) With my $20 gift certificate, I got the Timewise 3 in 1 cleanser free, and if you decide to do this, you'll see how amazing it is! You get an awesome make-over, and many of my friends even got free stuff! We played games, and had a great time. It was so much fun, my friends booked parties and earned a bunch of free product by doing it. Their skin care and makeup is really good quality. I would go for it! What do you have to lose? It's completely free, and it's just a relaxing hour or two to spend with your girlfriends trying awesome products and getting make-overs. There is no "scam" and theres nothing to "fall for". Thats just silly. :) I suggest you grab a bottle of wine, and a few close friends and go have a good time :) If nothing else, you get a great contact for some great products in the future...
  • This thread is 4 years old. I doubt the PPs still need advice on if this is a scam @KnotPorscha‌ Zombie thread, please close

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