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AW my Save-The-Dates!!! (WR and pic heavy)

So these actually came in a couple weeks ago but of course I've been so busy I haven't gotten them out yet.  Then there was the printer problem.  I ended up buying a new printer (on sale!) and it worked perfectly when I printed out all the envelopes last night.  Aaannnd -  today is the day to get these in the mail and somehow the whole wedding just got really REAL!  FI and I designed these ourselves in photoshop and had them printed at Vistaprint.  The front was just really simple and has our wedding websitre on the bottom.  FI picked the photo out from the shoot we did in fall 2010.  We didn't want to wait for the esesh pics - we wouldn't end up getting these out until next month at the earliest if we'd waited.  The back is our logo.  FI came up with the idea of basically copying this Keep Tahoe Blue logo and turning it into our own.  We even added a little heart where the venue is at the north part of the lake. 




Assembly line for stuffing, stamping, return addressing:

The stack:

They're just phone pics.  I'd like to take some better ones later to put on my planning website but that'll have to wait. 

Re: AW my Save-The-Dates!!! (WR and pic heavy)

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    My favorite part is Hogan looking at the camera. LOVE.


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    Love them and so creative!  You got a spare for moi?  Cause I'm grabbing Raven and crashing your wedding.
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    They're so beautiful.  I love them!
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    Those....are....awesome!!! I love the pic you guys picked out!! :)
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    So cute!!

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    Those are great! You are so organized. I love your assembly line! 
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    Those are so cute! I'm loving Hogan too! : )

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    So glad you all like them!!  We love them and FI is especially proud of his logo idea.  He wants to use it on everything now.  I may have to restrain him a bit!
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    I love Hogan in the pic too. I said to FI when we took our E-pics that I wish we had a dog to be in our photos with us.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: AW my Save-The-Dates!!! (WR and pic heavy)</a>:
    [QUOTE]My favorite part is Hogan looking at the camera. LOVE.
    Posted by BriSox81[/QUOTE]

    </div><div>I think you already have my address....or you can just bring it with you to the ENEYG2G2012.</div>
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    Those are awesome. That's genius to use the "Keep Tahoe Blue" logo.
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    Blue eyes - well that was definitely FI's idea!  He's so proud of it.  I'll pass along your thumbs up!

    Tiger & Lyn - REALLY what I want is to bring STDs for everyone to the EG2G2012!!
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    I love it!


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    Those are great!  I love 'em.
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    I love this Meg!  And I totally agree with Lyn we will be crashing your wedding!  So close too! lol ;) Hey think of it this way (as my mom always says) more gifts!
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    I love the logo!  They look great :)
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