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should we get digital rights??

We're looking into photogs for our October wedding and we're both completely lost on this one:  do we really need the rights to our images??  We've noticed some photogs give the rights and some don't.  The real connundrum (sp?) is that our first pick photog does not give us the rights.  Will we save that much on printing that it's worth passing on our first choice???  Help please!!!!  Thanks!

Re: should we get digital rights??

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    I am not sure about digital rights. If it is important for you to print the images, I would say see what you can do. With the photographers I met with, they retained the copyrights but allowed me to get a release stating that I can print the photos myself. They also put in there that it did add to the package cost.

    I have had photos printed at places like CVS and Walmart and I know the quality of the print is not as good as if you get it printed by a professional lab on professional paper.

    Some photographers give you the rights to print unretouched photos that may look terrible and you don't want them printed. I don't really think it is worth the savings especially if that is the deciding factor. I think it is important to go with the photographer that fits your style and needs.

    Some of the photographers I met with also archive the images in mulitple places to ensure the images will be around if you ever need a reprint. To me, this is more important. What if I lost the disc of images?? Would the photographer have a backup??

    Good Luck with your decision!!
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    I've dealt with photogs who you must purchase all prints through them directly, some who charged a set amount of money for the "reproduction rights" and others who offered the reproduction rights as part of their contracted rate.  I personally found it much more economical and quicker in the long run to deal with a photog who will offer you the reproduction rights (either paid post event or included in your package). 

    After the wedding we had a lot of family members who wanted photos. It was very easy to provide them with discs of the photos and have them print what they want, where they wanted. We also were able to have photo albums made rather quickly and gave them as gifts to the bridal party, parents and other family members.
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    I would to totally get the rights for your pics. Like the pp stated its easier & alot cheaper to print your own for other family members or to make a seperate albums, etc rather then purchasing them through your photographer.
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    I definitely would. This way you can print for gifts or smaller albums whenever youd like. Plus you can always purchase a few high quality prints directly from the photographer to hang on your walls.
    The photographer Im looking at offers a print credit and the disc of images in her package so that you get a bit of both options.

    hope this helps!
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