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July 2010 Weddings

NWR - Houses!!!!

So FI and I have been looking at houses since December... we put in an offer on one house, but it fell through because it was in pre-foreclosure and the bank didn't respond to our offer.  We are looking at 6 more this Saturday and I have a really good feeling!!!  I've started a folder in my pictures folder on my computer of all of the stuff that I want to buy for the house eventually (no matter which house it is) and of pictures from things like Better Homes and Gardens!!!

Anyone else looking at houses?  We're excited because our down payment is wedding savings, but it will be replenished with the 8K tax credit!
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Re: NWR - Houses!!!!

  • fi & i just closed on our house december 21st =) it's very exciting! & we are super excited about the tax credit too!! hope you find the perfect house!
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  • We closed on our house in early October, and I finally filed an application to amend my taxes and get our $8k refund about a month ago - I just got the check the other day, I was surprised at how quickly it came!  Now we can start planning our honeymoon!

    Good luck this weekend!
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  • we're in the process of getting one too - we should be closing by feb 18th - just waiting for our mortgage to get approved! its  so exciting! just try not to get too attached to anything because from my house-hunting experience you never know if it will work out!

    we've been working on this same house since october 15th so it can be a long long process if the sellers are cranky about things and you want things fixed before you move in (like being able to use the furnace at all - small details. LOL)

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  • We're house hunting too!! :)  We've been obsessed with watching property virgins and house hunters on HGTV! lol

    we're looking at 3 houses next saturday when we finally have time! :)  Possibly more if they come up on the radar :)
  • I LOVED house hunting!! FI and I have been in our house for almost TWO years now!  (That is SOOO hard to believe!!)  I remember that there was this house I LOVED, and the offer fell through, but the builder gave us bigger and better. Same model house, plus upgrades!  We LOVE LOVE LOVE our house!!

    Have fun, it's definitely a fun experience :-)
  • How exciting! I wish we could be looking at houses but that won't happen for at least 2.5 years after I graduate.  Good luck tomorrow. Fingers crossed that you find the house of your dreams!
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