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October 2011 Weddings

Another thing done PIP

Yesterday, FI and I and FMIL went to talk to a cake lady. Well FMIL and I had already taster her cake before and fell in love with it. So all I needed was FI's approval to taste it since he LOVES cake. Well he loves red velvet so she had some ready for him to taste. He loved it. So we booked her. FMIL payed the deposit and we signed the contract. We ordered enough cake for 226 servings though we are only inviting 200 people. FMIL wanted to pay for the cake so I let her decide how much cake.

Anyway my cake will look like the picture except three tiered and round cake and different cake topper. The middle layer will have our last name initial.

We also ordered two grooms cake. One with the Harley Davidson symbol and the second camoflauge with a deer head and a red dodge symbol.

We couldn't beat her price either. Can't wait til the wedding to see what they will all look like!

Re: Another thing done PIP

  • Pretty! I'm jealous you have your cake situation all taken care of. I've researched places around here, and have 3 or 4 places to check out, but haven't made any appointments yet. We don't really have a clear idea of what we want the cake to look like yet, I just know I want it to be different. I don't even care if it goes along with our theme or not, I just want it to be fun.

    I was thinking we'd start looking into cakes more around the year mark, although maybe now wouldn't be a bad time to make some appointments. That way we'd have some extra time to decide anyway. That's probably the next big decision to be made.

    Well anyway, congrats on getting yours booked!
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  • That is so neat! Congrats on the check! I think that we are going to wait a little while to look for cakes but the only reason is that we have no idea what we want it to look like.
  • Very pretty! Grats on the check!
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  • Nice!  One less thing to worry about!  :)
  • That's a beautiful cake. Are those real flowers between the layers?
  • I think they are, but I am thinking abour doing silk flowers between the layers to save some money with the florist.
  • Thanks ladies. I wasn't sure what I wanted either, but it just came to me when I was looking at her books.
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