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Where/when to give a wedding gift?

I read somewhere on here that you're supposed to deliver the gift to the bride/groom before the wedding or after- either in person or by sending directly to their house.  We're going to a wedding this weekend (FI is in it) and we purchased and wrapped the gift.  The rehearsal dinner is at the bride's parents' house.  Would it be rude to bring the gift there?  Or should I just bring it to the reception?

Re: Where/when to give a wedding gift?

  • i would just bring it to the reception. i would feel awkward going to an RD with the gift in hand.

    have a great time and enjoy yourself!!
  • I would just bring it to the reception.  I'm sure you won't be the only one to bring a gift to the wedding.
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  • I agree, bring it to the reception, without fail someone always does :)
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    I always bring them to the reception, although on TK I've seen lots of regional opinions on this
  • I guess I'm the only naysayer, but I said whatever you do, avoid bringing it to the reception - but that's pretty much considered the height of rude around here (I've never seen a gift table at a wedding). If the RD is at the bride's house, I don't see a problem with bringing it there, and you don't have the same risk of loss and transportation issues. I see it as being much easier on the couple if you take it to the bride's house. Can you drop it off earlier in the day before the RD if you feel weird showing up with the present to the dinner?

  • What about showing up early to the RD? Where I'm from, it's common to show up to the reception with gifts, so I would just do that
  • I can't get to the RD early because of work.  FI is in the wedding so he'll be at the rehearsal beforehand.  I might stick it in the car and see how the vibe is tomorrow.  This girl has been the anti of etiquette with planning and whatnot so I'm almost wondering if she'll even notice ;)

    I've always seen a gift table at a wedding.  I actually didn't realize it was considered rude until TK!  I usually like to get it done some other way just because I find it a hassle to carry it to the reception.  I was kind of wondering how weird you all thought it'd be to do it at the RD.  Thanks for the replies!
  • It must be a regional thing.. I've never seen actual gifts at a wedding reception.. people bring cards with money in the them. The gifts are given at the bridal shower only.
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