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February 2011 Weddings

period planning

Hi guys! Should i start working out when my period will be or do any planning yet? I am on Yasmine BC. Wed date is 26.02.2011.

Re: period planning

  • My period was supposed to land right in the middle of my honeymoon. I'm on Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo. I talked to my doctor and I am skipping two periods in a row to put my period like a week and a half before my wedding. Ive already skipped one, and i'll be skipping this one by taking the next pack this weekend. I'd say if your period comes on a specific day (like mine comes every 4th wednesday no matter what) start figuring out where its going to land and talk to your doctor about what to do about it.  Good luck!
  • My wedding is in the same month and I just checked yesterday to figure out if I would have it during the week of our DW.  All is good for me, but if it wasn't I was planning on skipping a couple periods to make sure I didn't have it.  My Doctor has said previously it's not a big deal. I figured the sooner I looked into it the better.
  • My wedding is Feb 26 also. I just started planning mine so that I won't get it during the wedding. I have weird periods so I want to start early so that there won't be any problems. I'm starting on Nuva Ring next week.
  • My wedding is Feb. 5th and unfortunately my period is all over the place so i never really know when its going to come it differs from month to month. But i have a question. How do you skip a period if your not of birth control? I've heard from people to actually take birth control pills and that should make you skip a period but IDK! Anyone???
  • I'm on Yaz and haven't really had it since I started taking it, which is normal according to my dr, so I can't help much, but with my luck my wedding day will be the 1 day i DO actually get it! haha
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  • I started taking Yaz and am on my second pack...I'm not exactly sure when my period will be coming yet, but I'm thinking it'll be while I'm on my honeymoon so instead of taking the white pills, I'm just gonna immediately start a new pack and just not have my period in February. :)
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