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LaVera - Few minutes between wedding/reception?

Hi Everyone!

My fiance and I are getting married at LaVera Party Center (Willoughby Hills) and having our reception immediately afterwards.

My only concern is that since we're having it in the same room, it's going to take the place around 10-15 minutes to set up everything for the reception while everyone is outside after the ceremony. Our wedding party is going to go locally to have just a few pictures done (maybe 30 minutes) but my concern is the 15 minutes between ceremony/reception for our guests.

Maybe I'm worrying too much (haha, more than likely!) - I just don't want people to feel awkward if they don't know anyone else for the 15 minutes that they're waiting for things to change around.

Any thoughts? Anyone else have a reception at LaVera?
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Re: LaVera - Few minutes between wedding/reception?

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    Can you ask the staff planner at LaVera what they typically do in this situation? I'm sure it has happened before. Is there a lobby area where you could have small snacks (pretzels, small crackers, nuts?) set up for guests to nibble while they are waiting? Kind of a pre-cocktail thing?
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    As PP mentioned, ask the event planner what they usually recommmend. IMO, there should at least be some refreshements and light snacks at that time to hold people over until apps (if you're having them) or dinner.

    At my SIL's wedding they had to convert the ballroom from ceremony to reception.  Guests were ushered into the lobby where they had displayed apps (cheese and crackers, fruit, etc). I don't remember if they had booze because I wasn't old enough to drink. The wait time was probably about 30 minutes. As a guest, I thought it was fine. I mingled, had a little bit to eat, then we were seated in the ballroom and served dinner shortly after. 
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