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One of the girls I work with just recieved a dozen roses from her husband for their wedding anniversary. Just think! This time next year we'll be getting ready to celebrate our anniversaries!!!
Two souls and one thought, two hearts and one pulse image Anniversary

Re: Awww

  • I love when people get flowers at work!!! I sit up front so I get to deliver them!!! I love sharing that moment with people!!!

    I know crazy huh we will be old married folks before you know it!
  • Awe, I just can't wait to refer to him as my husband! I can't WAIT to say that!

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  • Lol I ALWAYS call my FI  some form of hubby hubbers hubbaroo hahaha. I have been trying not to so much lately so that when he is ACTUALLY my husband it'll be more special.

    And he never gets me flowers!! He better step it up one of these days. Haha he sent my mom flowers once before we were dating. That was when my mom figured out he liked me :)
  • Stephers I can't wait to call my FI my husband either =)

    Two souls and one thought, two hearts and one pulse image Anniversary
  • A couple of people at work have accidently referred to him as my husband, and it makes me ridiculously giddy inside. :) That is so sweet, Kate. Thanks for sharing!
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