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August 2011 Weddings

What's up Monday?!?

What's everyone up to this week? WR and NWR?
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Re: What's up Monday?!?

  • WR Meeting with the reverend of my church Sunday
     NWR:  classes start tomorrow
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  • WR: e-pics on Wednesday!

    NWR: Work and then enjoying the long weekend in Maine.
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  • WR: nothing at all...

    NWR: FI and I are moving Tuesday and Wednesday. It should be hell and I cannot wait until it's over.
    August 2011: E-Pic! Photobucket
    229 image Invited to celebrate!
    191 image Remembered to RSVP!
    26 image Can't make it
    7 image Got lost on the way to the mailbox

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  • WR: hopefully receiving contract from photographer and sending back with deposit!

    NWR:  getting back on a normal schedule, working out, waiting for FI to come home for the weekend! 
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  • WR: sending in the deposit for our stationary.

    NWR: hopefully relaxing since I finally have a week that isnt jam packed! and I'm looking forward to a long weekend :)
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  • WR: This weekend we are going up to Cleveland and we are meeting with two photographers, meeting with a DJ and I am meeting with a dress designer. We will also be showing the Fi's parents all of our venues.

    NWR: Just working until this weekend when we're going home and going to the Islands for a night!
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  • WR : Going to send in my contract for the photog... 

    NWR: Going camping for the long weekend! 
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  • WR No time this week to do anything :( working for the next 6 days and Thursday 9:30am-10pm. :( :( :( :(

    NWR: work work work work...so much to do there! when I'm not there, I will be job hunting for a new job that ISN'T IN RETAIL!
  • WR: Nothing at all.

    NWR: Work, school, working out. Last week I majorly took a break from dieting and exercise and the scale didn't like it. Time to get back going. Also,Saturday is the first football game and Friday FI's aunt and uncle and mom are coming to stay with us. That means I have to clean this week too.
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  • WR: Trying to find a photographer and church!
    NWR: Job interview, running a 5K, going to New York City
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  • WR:  Sending some more deposits out.. DJ, Videographer and making appointments for makeup trial and e-pics!!

    NWR:  School starts today.. my last semester!
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  • WR: not much at all.

    NWR: today is the first day of my senior year of college! woohoo, it's exciting although i can't help but get a little emotional seeing all the freshman walk around campus with deer-in-headlights looks on their faces

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  • WR: Nothing, I think my parents are booking the restaurant for the rehearsal dinner and possibly setting up another room block.  I am jealous they are going to be in Newport all weekend.

    NWR:  I have a dr's appointment tomorrow to go over my MRI results to determine what type of surgery I will need.  I almost went to the ER yeterday because I popped my shoulder out again and get this, all I was doing was closing the car door.  Half way to the hospital it popped back in so I told Corey to just turn around.  I am also hoping that my appointment doesn't take too long because Obama will be here at Fort Bliss and I would like to go for the address to the troops.  I have a manicure/pedicure and hair appointment on Wednesday and then Thursday I am off to Colorado for a fun weekend with my best friend!
  • WR: meeting with a photographer tomorrow!

    NWR: It's my Birthday on Wednesday!!! and labor day weekend woot!
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  • WR: Not a thing. Yay, a break is needed!

    NWR: Looking for a job, MOH's baby is due on Sat.! (:, Dinner with FI's family on Thurs. and that's about it.
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  • WR: we are going to check out another venue. Our original one fell thru.  The lady has refused to work with us.

    NWR: school started for me today, so I really need to start on assignments. :(
  • WR: Looking at some dresses with two of my BM's.

    NWR: buttloads of homework, work, FI's race on Saturday (supposedly his last one ever-- but I am thinking hes racing next season which I was hoping he would not because its SOO expensive and well dangerous) and Sadly attending a relative's funeral Thursday.
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  • WR - We just booked our Photog and my FI parents are coming in and will get to see everything we have done so far, including my dress.

    NWR - This is a HUGE family weekend for my family and the 42nd Annual Ford Model T event that is now in memory of my Grandpa who started it. Now my FI's parent are getting involved, which is exciting!
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