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Favorite Friday

This is our weekly post where we talk about our favorite things both WR and NWR from the past week. Have a great weekend ladies!!
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    WR~ I ordered barefoot sandals for myself and my sister (her bday is next month) from Red I by Chealsea. She will be making a special design for both, can't wait to see them. I am going to try on my dress again today. I lost about 7lbs since my first fitting so she wants me to re-try it on before she starts it. I think I will take my necklace up to see what it looks like on. So excited to put it on again FI fit into his Navy blues so he decided to wear those for our wedding! I'm so happy as this is what I wanted him to wear all along, I just feel bad because they are so hot. NWR~ Phase 2 of South Beach will be over Saturday. I can't wait to eat other things! I did great on this. My official weigh in is tomorrow so I will let you ladies know how I did. We donated blood yesterday. It's such a good feeling to know your helping others. Woa....sorry I wrote a book! Lol
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  • WR - I got my veil and hairpiece, My dress fit, I got another pair of shoes, My son's outfit!!!!, and I ordered my bracalet...we received our travel package yesterday...It felt super real getting our tickets and vouchers in the mail ;)

    NWR - I made it through the I didn't really accomplish much this week that wasn't for the wedding lol
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  • WR- I bought my dress!!  and my sister giving me this beautiful binder she personalized for me to keep tabs of all things wedding related...i love it so much!

    NWE- celebrated my 30th birthday this week!  reflected a little on my life and I am soo happy to be where I am career, education and esp relationship wise!
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  • Sounds like we have a lot of great checks!

    WR: I am picking up my wedding band today! I'll post a pic of it later.  We have  a caterer for the wedding, just have to finalize the menu.  I made one of my barefoot sandals, I just need to make it a little smaller and then make the other one.  And tomorrow my parents and I are going shopping for wedding stuff.  I hope I get a lot done!

    NWR: FI got a job!!! This was the big news this week, lol. 

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  • WR- had my bridal shower and it was awesome!  Made my OOT bags, found out where (most) everyone is staying, still need to find out from 4ppl.  Took e-pics, got 3 back and I LOVES them!

    NWR- I finally got moved to the am schedule!  Working nights seriously took a toll on FI & I's life.  But now we get to see each other!  It's like a normal relationship again!
  • WR - Our Save the Dates arrived yesterday!  Now to get them stuffed, stamped and in the mail!

    NWR - My Phillies (partial) Season Tickets also arrived yesterday (the day they arrive always make me a happy girl) and tomorrow is the St Patty's Bar Crawl here (why not next Saturday on the 17th?  Who Knows?), but guess we will have 2 Saturdays to celebrate!
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  • WR - I started addressing my AHR invitations this week. It is going to take a while because there are like 200 !

    NWR - Spring break this week so no school =) Just work work work. What a break right .....................
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  • WR: . My Wedding planner called to tell me I got everything I wanted for the wedding.

    NWR: We started our house hunting yesterday
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  • WR: Getting hooked up with that awesome local on Maui who's making our flower circle (Circle of Lameness per Brea's husband hehe) and leis.

    NWR: Having a car that's relievable, again. Even if it is an SUV.
  • WR: Finally got assigned to a specific wedding coordinator at the resort, who I have read great things about via their facebook page!

    NWR: FI is almost done with this house that he is flipping (it is so gorgeous!), and he will finally be able to relax (and start looking for the next one!). 
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  • WR: I finally made the edits to our invites!! Going to assemble a mock up this weekend.


    NWR: I caught up with an old friend last night who was visiting NYC which was great!

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  • WR - I slacked big time on this! Done nothing important
    NWR - Ummm... I didn't kill FI last night, trust me that's an accomplishment! Lol
  • Britt - I want to hear the story about last night !!!!!
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