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February 2011 Weddings

Preparing for a COLD wedding

Of course, I bought a strapless dress for a Feb wedding in NJ.  I am worried that I'm going to freeze, so I bought the first faux fur ivory jacket I found, but I dont love it.  Its cropped with half sleeves and not what I imagined.
My mom and MOH dont think I should wear it in the church, which is something I want to do (to cover my sholders.) 
What are other cold weather brides doing?

Re: Preparing for a COLD wedding

  • I have no clue because my dress is a halter top!!! NJ weather is so unpredictable during feb-march
  • I havent decided yet either but my dress is strapless as well!  I am going to get some type of jacket but I am going to take it off in the church.  I figured since most of our stuff will be taking place inside anyway the jacket will only be for transport!  Where in NJ are you girls getting married??

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  • Have a faux fur bolero/shrug AND white snowboots for outdoor pics. I got the idea from some of the winter wedding pics I saw on here (brides wore boots and jackets while outdoors only).
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  • I'm doing the same as Meg, Mine's strapless and I know I'll need some kind of jacket, just haven't decided yet. I'm freezing cold when it's 60 out...so Feb weather will be interesting :)
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  • I'm considering just buying a winter white wool coat to wear in and out of the church and reception instead of the faux fur balero, but I dont know if thats best either.  I'm taking the balero to my first fitting to see how it looks.  The balero was expensive and pretty impractical, thats why im on the fence.

  • The beloro was loaned to me so no worries about the practicality. I don't live in typical cold-weather climate so I am buying very little. So far, friends have loaned me the bolero and another white coat. Only thing I've bought are the boots.
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  • getting married at the tides estate in north haledon nj
  • i have a strapless dress as well, im just going to brave to cold and deal with it. im not a shrug person and i figure i will only be outside for the short trip into and out of the venue so itll be fine. i just hope there isnt a snow storm or something at the end of february, but seattle is so crappy that time of year!
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  • I'm wearing a halter dress and am still debating what I'll be wearing to cover my shoulders in the little amount of time I will be outside. I am getting dressed, married, and having the reception all at the same place, but it is Colorado, so it will definetly be chilly!
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  • February in Minnesota, I am doing a fur cape and muff with white fur boots/

  • I am in NOVA~Northern Virginia and I have not even thought of what I am going to do as far as covering my arms. I am getting a lace bolaro for the Mass and not sure what I am going to do for the rest of the day. We are only going to be outside for a short time so I can bear it to take some photos in front of the Capital building.


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  • My dress is also strapless. I'm not sure yet, but I'm thinking a nice cozy cashmere pashmina. It won't be much help outside (I'm in Canada - it will likely be about 10-15 degrees F here), but it will be something, and I think it will translate well to being inside as well. I freeze even indoors during the winter usually, so I really want to make sure I have something just in case I'm getting too cold. That's also something I can use again another time, whereas I likely wouldn't use a faux fur wrap ever again..
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  • I have a strapless gown for my wedding in NJ and it is truly unpredictable.  I purchased a velvet, hooded full length cape on ebay.  It looks great and it is heavy enough to keep me warm for transport. It will look nice for pics also.

  • I've got the same issue  in Toronto in Feb.  
    I have to find something - and will probably do the same - pashmina. Our entire event is in the same place - so that will help.

    I am going to be taking pictures after the lunch reception, so I'm getting the wedding party pocket hand warmers (from Restoration Hardware, or camping store) as part of their "wedding survival kits".  The boys will have flasks with whisky, the girls little boots and fleece blankets that I'm going to stencil the date on :).  may also do hat and scarfs for the guys - if I can knit 3 hats by then. 
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