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Need help with my beach wedding

ok im compleatly lost and need help i want a destin wedding we have our date but im looking to a place to hold the entire even that is not going to cost an arm and a leg i want a beach wedding and a possiable indoor venue my date is may 25 2013 HELP

Re: Need help with my beach wedding

  • http://www.weddingsatgulfplace.com/ gorgeous and  http://www.beachhousewedding.com/.  If you look up the venues in north florida on this website. you can find tons of beach wedding companys. There are some really beautiful venues out there. Gulfplace doesnt seem to expensive. Check it out!
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    [QUOTE]<a href="http://www.weddingsatgulfplace.com/" rel="nofollow">http://www.weddingsatgulfplace.com/</a>  gorgeous and  <a href="http://www.beachhousewedding.com/" rel="nofollow">http://www.beachhousewedding.com/</a> .  If you look up the venues in north florida on this website. you can find tons of beach wedding companys. There are some really beautiful venues out there. Gulfplace doesnt seem to expensive. Check it out!
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    <div>If you arent exactly set on a beach wedding there is also the Destin bay house. its beautiful! <a href="http://www.destinbayhouse.com" rel="nofollow">www.destinbayhouse.com</a></div>
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    Paul's on the Bay is a great place in Pensacola (about an hour west of Destin). It books fast though. It is bay side, not beach side but the views are amzaing. They have a great area for outdoor weddings, but we are using one of the rooms that overlook the water for an indoor ceremony.
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    Miranda, take a deep breath. You have plenty of time:) I am a photographer in the Jacksonville, FL area and am more than happy to give you some advice, as will others on here. 
    By 'destin' wedding are you asking for locations in the Destin, FL area(which is gorgeous), or a destination wedding in general? Do you want to stay in the US or are you looking at Mexico or the Carribean, etc? Are you trying to stay within a driveable distance from home or will you and your guests fly? How many people are you planning on? And by 'indoor venue', do you mean for a reception or as a weather back-up for the ceremony? 
     Just answering those questions will help you, and others who are hoping to help you, narrow things down.
    If you are planning to fly, start with areas that have major airports to keep the cost down. 
    I have photographed a beach wedding in Destin. It was a lovely location, but everything was a hassle for the couple because of the lack of airport factor. Someone was constantly driving an hour each way to pick people up from a small(aka expensive) airport, the florist was too far to deliver, catering and general food choices were charming, but very limited, etc. The houses(3 adjacent) were wonderful, but I am not sure the couple found it worthwhile due to all the unexpected expenses and inconveniences. There were around 65 guests, which is a hefty number for a destination wedding. That was a lot of people all from out-of-town to house, coordinate and feed.
    Once you narrow down your search, I strongly advise you to interview some 'Day of' wedding coordinators. They are a great cost efficient alternative to a full scale planner, but I suspect you would prefer to skip that expense. When going outside your own area, that will be the best couple hundred bucks you could ever spend. They won't outright plan it all for you, but they are worth their weight in gold for guidance on vendors, avoiding some of the unexpected hassles I mentioned above, and INVALUABLE on your actual wedding day. I see weddings done every which way. This is the one expense a destination wedding really should not spare. And no, my sister is not one. I really see them as being that big of a difference. Their job is to keep everything on course, and handle the coordination of every planned and unplanned glitch in your day. And just interviewing them with a well planned list of questions will help you choose the correct location for your needs. So, don't worry quite so much about whether or not they are in your budget just to talk to them. Pick your city after talking with some in different areas. Then worry about who fits your budget and who clicks for you. I wouldn't be surprised one bit if somone dazzles you enough to make their city your choice.
    And give the Jacksonville area a good hard look from Jax proper, to St. Augustine, to Amelia Island. There is a wide variety of styles for a venue and you can even hop on a cruise ship for less than an arm and a leg! Not that I am at all biased:)

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