Kona Weddings?

Hi everyone!Has anyone worked with Danny at Kona Weddings?

Re: Kona Weddings?

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    I'm just seeing this.They were great!  They were so friendly and easy to work with.  They gave us wonderful instructions about how to get our license, where to be, etc.  Helen (Danny's wife) is the photographer and she does a beautiful job.  Our pictures are perfect!  email me at beachbabydesigns (at) yahoo (dot) com for any other info.
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    any recommendations on where to get my hair done in Kona for my wedding this May?  I'm not sure I want to go to the hotel spa (Sheraton Keahou Bay & Resort) to get it done.

    Also, any idea on where to rent a tux or suit there?
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    Try searching on yelp.com for a salon in the area you're looking for.  Also, as for suits/tuxes, I think most ppl travel to their DW with theirs in tow, then they send them back with someone after the wedding if they don't want to tote them around during the HM.  That's what we'll be doing w/ FI's suit and my dress.
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