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Stupid shower games?

My MOHs (I have two) asked if we should play games at the bridal shower.  I have never been a big fan but wonder what others think? 
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Re: Stupid shower games?

  • nbcarlsonnbcarlson member
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    I like the games because they are good icebreakers for those who don't know each other too great. But it's your shower so if you don't like them you don't have to have them!
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  • Simply FatedSimply Fated member
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    I think it depends on the game and the crowd. But if you don't like them, you don't have to have them, imo.
  • SuMmErKuTiESuMmErKuTiE member
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    I honestly can't stand shower games, and was so happy that the last one I attended didn't have any. We mingled for a while over apps, mimosas, and sangrias, then we ate lunch, and then watched the bride open her gifts. I didn't know anyone there but the bride and did just fine without any silly forced games. I ended up htiting it off with one of her BM's and a few of the other girls and had a great time.
  • MairePoppyMairePoppy Connecticut mod
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    I don't like shower games, either. I think they just interrupt conversations and stop the flow of the party.
  • trix1223trix1223 member
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    I abhor shower games.  I used to like games.  When I was 6.
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    My friend doesn't like them either.
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    I voted no games - Why? Because many people are on a tight enough sceduale as it is, finding a sitter for the kids just to go to your shower, going straight from work to attend your shower, ect... Your shower shouldn't be long and drawn out with games in my opinion. Everyone wants to see you, congratulate you and watch you open your gifts while enjoying a refreshment or two.
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    Umm, totally depends on the game I think.  I actually don't mind playing gift bingo because it gives me something to do besides stare at the person opening presents and it doesn't prolong the shower since it's done while the gifts are being opened.

    Most of the others are completely lame and make me want to hurt someone though.
  • Heathc123Heathc123 member
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    if they insist on games maybe one thats not so intrusive. there is one where while the bride is opening her gifts, set a timer for a few minutes and when it goes off, whoevers gift she has in her hands, that person gets a prize and then reset the timer ...pretty easy and people done feel forced to do something they done want to do. HTH

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  • violet11violet11 member
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    I think 1 or 2 games is fun and an easy way for people to have fun.  I think it does depend on your crowd though.  When I helped throw a shower for a friend of mine, I made up a mad lib and everyone had fun filling it in. It was entertaining and people really got into it.  I also went to another shower and they had a quiz about the bride and groom and whoever got the most questions right got a prize.  I really enjoyed that one.  Games don't have to be drawn out at all.  It just depends on what you want and who is attending the shower.  The one I threw I asked the bride what she wanted and did that.
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    I'm not a huge game fan BUT i would vote for 1 game (maybe 2). I actually played a game I liked once, it was a multiple-choice quiz about the bride, the groom, and facts about their relationship. It was neat, you learned a lot about the couple that way. 

    Plus if you're inviting a bunch of people who don't know each other it does help with conversation. If everybody pretty much knows each other then its kind of unnecessary unless your group really likes games. 
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  • meyerslrmeyerslr member
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    I think there are a couple different types of games:  active and a little less lively.  I vote for the less-lively (bingo, purse scavenger hunt, quizzes about bride and groom) because they are easier for older ladies to enjoy as well, and can be played while chatting and such.  It just facilitates conversation for a few minutes if you can all share a laugh about Grandma's guess of what the groom's favorite food is.  Faster games like TP wedding dress, etc are a little less lovable.
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    We only had a couple at my shower. The first was you roll off the amount of TP that you "use" and for every square you tell the group something about yourself. The second game they asked my hubby (then fiance) for answers to questions about me and the guests had to guess how many I'd get right. So basicall they bet on a number and the closest won. The questions were stuff like my favorite actor, what 1 favorite item of my my clothing would he get rid of if he could, what song was playing during our first kiss (if there was one)...stuff like that.

    It helps break up the mood and get everyone interacting with every one.
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    I had two showers, one with games and one without.  At the one without games, we ate and socialized, and then I opened gifts.  It felt a bit awkward to me because the guests didn't seem as involved, and I didn't like that the only thing going on was opening gifts which seemed selfish and self-absorbed to me.

    At the one with games, the guests played bingo and wrote out "recipes" for a successful marriage while I opened gifts.  It took the attention off of the gift-opening and kept the guests more interactive.  My FSIL also made a DVD of my FI answering questions about our relationship/how we met/our favorite places/etc. and then I answered each question.  It was so much fun!  I have since done this with other showers that I have thrown, and the bride-to-be and guests always seem to have a fun time!

    I really liked the games we played at my shower, but I definitely have been to showers where it is awkward.  The toilet paper dresses, asking questions about how well you know the bride, pulling things out of your purse, etc. don't seem as classy or fun to me.
  • pisci1knpisci1kn member
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    For my sister's shower we did a modified game.  It was more so people on either side of the invite list could get to know the Bride and Groom.  We wrote their 'Love Story' to read at the shower.  Each time the Bride's name was mentioned a flower was passed to the right (because the woman is always right!) and every time the Groom's name was mentioned the flower was passed to the left. The person holding the flower at the end got to keep the center piece.  Everyone thought it was a cute idea because it gave a little back ground to who each person was and how they feel in love. :)
  • EkkulkaEkkulka member
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    Shower games are no fun. I would rather my guest just talk.
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  • naomikbnaomikb member
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    At a recent shower that I helped to throw with other bridesmaids we officially had 3 games, but they were mostly unobtrusive and pretty passive.  Looking back I would have cut one.

    1) write advice to the bride & drop it into a vase, throughout dinner the bride drew a couple and read them and those people got a prize

    2) clothespins Taboo - the bride and groom's names were taboo words, and if you got caught saying one then someone could steal your clothespin, the person at the end with the most pins got a prize (it was a 10 year-old girl), this goes on in the background while people are meeting, mingling, eating

    3) gift bingo

  • reason00reason00 member
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    Wow...I absolutely love games. What's a shower without games and prizes? :) I'm having lots. My girls/mom already got the prizes.
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  • mana8503mana8503 member
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    I love the games.  Even if it's bridal gift bingo... it's something to do while you sit there for 1-2 hours watching one person open gifts. 

    When i was MOH, We had a booklet made for each place setting about where some bridal traditions come from, about BMs, "Out Story" then little games about how many words you can make with the bride and grooms names... etc.  Doesn't have to be corny games, just something to past the down time.
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    I love the games too! I don't see what's wrong with loosening up and being a little silly sometimes! Games do help with unless everyone knows each other, there should be a few games planned. If conversation is going easily, then you can choose not to play them. But it can get dull for some people to watch the bride open presents.

    Just because you're an adult doesn't mean you can't enjoy games anymore. :)
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    I went to a shower recently and really enjoyed them. However, most of the people there got into them. They aren't great if everyone at your shower is at that age when they feel games are too kiddy or haven't had kids themselves yet. If most of the people at the shower are your friends, no. If they are your mom's friends, yes.
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