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March 2010 Weddings

March 20th brides...

We're at the one week mark! WooHoo! I hope you all have a great last week of preparing.

Re: March 20th brides...

  • Is anyone else having every single person you come across--even people at work that you don't normally run into a whole lot-- asking you how nervous you are?  My FI came home from work yesterday and asked me that same question and it just made me stop and think. So, I was just wondering if this was super common.
    I hope everyone is having a great...and productive (because I can't get myself off the couch:)) one week out Saturday!
  • woo hoo i'ts so close!  I'm going to get my practice hair and makeup done today which im so excited for! and paying off the reception hall and dropping everything off!  tomorrow it's really just going to be days away...no more weeks!!!
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    11/2011- 125iu Follisti + IUI = BFN

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    03/2012- 125iu Follistim + IUI = BFN

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    10/2012- DH dx with minor varicocele

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    02/2012 Waiting on AF- Began Provera 2/18- Preparing to begin first IVF cycle
    *Expected ET April 2013*
  • It just hit me yesterday that we are so close!!!! Its still sinking in.
    One more week until we earn our "MRS"
  • I'm a march 21 bride....
    so i got an extra day.. but i have a shower tomorrow.. and time is going by so fast! it's all just last minute stuff now! :D

    TTC since May 2010
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  • yay! It's so exciting! only one more day of work for me - and today I got my final "pre-wedding" hair cut/highlights, eyebrow wax and picked up my dress! It feels like everything is coming together!!!!
  • Aww this is going to be a great last week! My Husband to be keeps saying you are not that excited (lol), i told him i was with the planning all year! Now it's his turn, he is so cute he started doing a countdown of the days for the last 2 weeks. I told him as company arrives next week i will get more excited!! I'ts been very relaxing for me lately. May you all have a beautiful day on your wedding ladies!
  • edited March 2010
    I cant believe its only 6 days away, I have been planning for this moment for almost a year and a half. I wish the best of luck to everyone getting married on this day. Enjoy the last few days of planning and getting ready, and lets all home that we dont have the same weather as this weekend did.

    Best of luck to all of you....

  • I can hardly believe it's already here! I just have a few things to do for the rehearsal dinner and a couple spa appointments this week and then that's it (thank goodness!). So excited!!! =)
  • I have also had a bunch of random people come up to me at work and ask if I'm excited. We still have a lot of the apartment to clean up and straighten out and my mom reminded me that I forgot the mother's corsages but other than that we are ready! Come on Saturday!!
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  • Since Friday we have both been doing the "at this time in one week we will be _____"   NOW I'm finally starting to get excited!
  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_march-2010-weddings_march-20th-brides-4?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding Club BoardsForum:588Discussion:191e6c04-7d2c-4b44-bff1-5349d766e9a4Post:dc6034e0-9a5c-4db1-b2bc-c1351156095a">Re: March 20th brides...</a>:
    [QUOTE]Since Friday we have both been doing the "at this time in one week we will be _____"   NOW I'm finally starting to get excited!
    Posted by lauraNkieran[/QUOTE]

    haha. We started doing that yesterday! I had no idea anyone else was doing that too. Thats awesome!
  • alliebrooke! EVERY single person is asking about this...and i am not...at least not yet. i am actually really getting annoyed by this.
  • I have to say the best part is thinking that in exactly one week my butt will be planted in a hotel room checking out everything ... and enjoying the WARM weather which will be a huge welcome after the major storm we just had.
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