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Nevada-Las Vegas

Small checks-but it makes me happy!

My fiance and I are eloping to Vegas next year with his 18 yr old son and 11 year old daughter in August. We are still trying to narrow down the day we are leaving and returning and thus the wedding date at Mandalay's shark reef. 

Anyway, even though I bought my Maggie dress the end of August, I still haven't bought anything specific for the wedding in regards to Vegas. So this weekend we found the surprise boxes we will be making for the kids at Michael's. They are white and approx. 8 x 8 inches. I plan to decorate them like dice. The surprise boxes will be the way they know we are going to Vegas as a family and their personalized invites and other stuff will be in there. So check for the boxes!

Second check is these origami peace cranes made from Vegas paper I found on etsy. They have a small hook that can be used as a Christmas ornament so they will be added to the kids' boxes. It means even more because the 18 year old will be joining the Marines in September right after the wedding so he will have a family ornament to go with him. 

Third check is I remembered seeing all the dealer decks of cards sold at the tourist shops in Vegas. So we bought 52 of them on ebay for $9-with free shipping!!! Each kid will get a specific deck (the boy from the playboy club at the palms and the 11 year old girl will get the pink deck from Circus Circus). So what to do with the remainder of the decks? FI came up with a great idea to enclose them in the small packages that will be mailed from Vegas to our closest friends and family that will include the "we eloped" announcement as well as personalized poker chips, etc and hopefully a wedding pic for everyone.

They are small checks but they actually mean more to me right now than ordering my dress. Next up is trying to narrow down a date for all this. With my FI finishing nursing school and taking boards next summer, the 18 year old graduating high school and entering the Marines in September, next year is a bit crazy.

Re: Small checks-but it makes me happy!

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