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My FMIL insists on inviting all of her friends to a shower that my aunt is graciously hosting by herself in her home.  She says that her friends won't come, but she wants them to be included.  My aunt has already sent out the invitations.  Please help!!

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    I would give her two or three guests that she can invite.  My MIL did the same thing and wanted to invite one of her friends that I had only met once in pretty much passing.  We sent an invite to her and she declined.  We also invited this same friend to our wedding at MIL's request and she declined that as well.  I really don't get why people do that.  

    Sorry, I added my own mini rant in there.  I would give her just a couple invites and let her choose who is important to her to come.  
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    Ditto to PP.  Just give her a few invitations to send out. (Hopefully "all of her friends" is like 3 or 4 and not 20.)  I really think that it's easier to keep the peace in this situation.

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    I agree with all PP. 

    I'd just tell her that you want to keep it small and intimate and that your aunt can only accommodate so many people.
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