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postage - CRAP!

So I have planned EVERYTHING to a tee... I made a couple invitations early, brought them to the post office, had them weighed, and bought the stamps, well last night I finished all my invitaions put all the stamps on them, and 1/2 are .61 cents and half are .44 cents. they are all the same invitation, and they have have the rings .44 stamp on them. I dont know what to do now. I cant figure out why some are heavier then the others - any suggestions!?!?!

Re: postage - CRAP!

  • Wow that is really odd??   The only thing I can think is like for ours, we have RSVP cards that only have 2 lines (for 2 guests & their menu choices) and for most households this will suffice, but some households have 3 or 4 people invited so they will get 2 RSVP cards and that may make some of them weigh enough for the $0.61 postage... not sure yet. 

    Other than that though I can't think of why any invitations would weigh differently??
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  • That is very strange. Are you sure you have all the things inside them?
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  • That's really odd.  Try weighing them again and place each envelope on the scale the same way.  Maybe that's why they cost differently.  I used to work in the mailroom way back when, and this was the majority of postage issues.

    If that's not the case, then just check to make sure that everything is in the envelope.
  • When I sent out my invites, the person at the post office weighed each one of them. Some weighed .1 more ounce than others did. But the postage was still the same at $1.39. I wouldn't risk it and just sending them all out like that. .44 cents stamps cover up to an ounce and .61 cents cover up to 2 ounces. You don't want returned invites after all due to postage. And also, people don't really care how the stamps will look like. I was like that at first too, wanting to have the stamps so  pretty, but I couldn't have them since my postage was a lot. People care more for what's inside the invite than the stamps. I did use the .44 cents stamps on my response envelopes and STDs. Those are pretty. 
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