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New Jersey

NWR: Continental card?

Does anyone have a continental visa or debt card and do you think it's worth it? DH and I love to travel. We are onepass members and have a decent amount of miles and were considering getting the debt card. We heard that you have to pay a yearly fee though and wasn't sure if it is worth it.

Re: NWR: Continental card?

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    I have the CC and think it's worth it...you get double miles for every dollar you spend to buy airline tickets...and you get miles for $ spent @ ShopRite if you link it to your price plus card.
    The annual fee I think is $87? you get 2 free president's club passes (good for a year), you and a companion get to check your first bag for free, I believe there's a discount for your 2nd if it's not free for the main card holder (not positive tho, never had to do this).
    You also get travel vouchers that can be worth up to $250 I think...however, they don't work that great for me because you have a $20 max on a round trip ticket if you fly out of Newark, and I don't think they're valid on Fridays and Sundays.
    They email you these bonus things all the time too and if you just log on to the website you get an extra 500 miles.
    Overall, worth it for me :)
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    it was worth it for me:
    The regular OnePass CC is about $90 a year (first year may be waived)
    The Presidents club CC is like $460 a year.

    I have the Onepass CC  and find that the benefits are really good when I book flights  (I travel for work alll the time so that's a perk). 

    We also love our Amex Gold card because of the point earning potential!
  • leah2bleah2b member
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    Sometimes it is hard to actually use the miles, which I find annoying.  I tend to like the amex gold better as you can simply redeem yourpoints for travel packages.  The amex platinum is great is you are a frequent traveler.  You get access to almost all airline clubs, you can buy 2 for 1 business class tickets, conceirge service, etc.  THe annual charge is something like $400, so its only worth it is you travel a lot - we upgraded our amex to platinum for purposes of the honeymoon and will likely downgrade it back to gold after.
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    I have a Capital One Visa card and I get miles for using it and no annual fee. I fly JetBlue because there is no fee to check your first bag.
  • tparty10tparty10 member
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    I have the Continental debit card and I think it is worth it. The fee is around $25 a year (this is not the credit card) Total bonus is you get your 1st checked bag free (and this carries over to a person traveling with you - if you booked your reservation together and they check in with you).If you just take 1 trip a year it is worth it. There are other benefits with double miles for certain shopping and travel too. I do believe the CC has a very high annual fee around $400!
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    Thanks for all the info! I will talk with DH and figure out what is the best option for us.
  • uppereastgirluppereastgirl member
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    I had it and didn't think it was worth it, except for the bonus miles we got for signing up.  I find Citi's Thank You network (for travel, I have the Premier Pass Elite, which gets me lots of points for my flights) and my American Express Blue cash cards to be much better rewards programs.  With Citi, I can book trips with the points or trade them in for gift cards, etc.  And I don't have to worry about all my hard-earned credit card rewards becoming less valuable as frequent flyer programs become less and less worthwhile.

    I would look around on Flyertalk.com to see what others think.  They're really knowledgeable about this stuff. 

    By the way, you can link your PricePlus card to your OnePass account regardless of whether you have a Continental credit card.
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    uppereast thanks for the info. Yes, we do have our PricePlus card linked to our onepass. We also got multiple PricePlus cards and our parents shop with them to help get us extra miles. Then once we have enough points for a free Turkey etc we just let them have it instead of us.
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