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Why is it only Tuesday?? (GM post)

Didnt see one yet, so good morning!  Something about the weather up here (rainy, gloomy) makes me want to just crawl back to bed.

I started watching trueblood with some friends yesterday night.  There are some pretty sick, graphic things in it that I can't even watch, but it's a really well made show and I might be getting addicted!  Tonight we're going to continue watching a few more episodes and attempt to make some baked apples.

Have a good day everyone!

Re: Why is it only Tuesday?? (GM post)

  • dbpsu18dbpsu18 member
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    Agreed on it only being Tuesday - this rain is making for a really gloomy couple days. Last night I was on my own - FI didn't get home from work until almost 2am :( Busy busy week for him. So I took advantage of the alone time and worked out with Jillian (G - i tried out the Boost Metabolism dvd last night!), caught up on Gossip Girl, and read alot of my book (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). Tonight looks to be more of the same!
    M- baked apples sounds delish!

  • gmc22gmc22 member
    edited December 2011
    Good Morning!
    I was absolutely exhausted yesterday and am feeling the same way today :( I also agree that it feels like it should be MUCH later than Tuesday! boo for the gloomy/rainy weather! I hate when it's dark when I wake up... I never want to get up! lol. Anyway, I had class last night (which was SO long and drawn out btw) then just went home and watched my dvr'd DWTS, ate dinner, and went to bed. Today FI and I are going up to his parents house for dinner and to grab a few of his straggler things from there then Biggest Loser tonight! I REALLY hope this day goes quick... somehow I have a bad feeling it wont :(

    md - I've always wanted to watch True Blood... just never had the time. I've heard awesome things about it! And baked apples sound delicious!

    db - I LOVE Jillian! IMO, the boost metabolism one is the best! It's tae-bo-esq which I love and I always feel like I get a great workout. With some of her other ones (which are AMAZING too) I feel like I can't do some things and have to take 'rests' b/c my legs will be shaking so bad I can't even stand! lol. And I surely know how it feels to have FI working late :(


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  • ros3392ros3392 member
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    DITTO on it only being Tuesday. I was thinking on my way in that it was at least Thursday and then I had to remind myself that it wasn't! DF and I got SO much accomplished yesterday for the wedding! I feel pretty relieved! My dad came over last night to help finalize the song we are dancing to (neither one of us could make up our minds) and then we made steaks on the grill and watched DWTS (which he hated haha) DF was at bowling so it was a nice night with just me and my dad!

    I have a conference for work this afternoon and then one of my co-workers is hosting another Mary Kay party tonight and then we are going out afterward.

    MD- I think I'm the only person in the world who hasn't watched True Blood, I hear its good!
    DB- I love Jillian workouts!
    Gianna- Sorry you're feeling so wiped out!

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    Good Morning! It is a star-studded week here in the office! This morning at 10:38, my executive director is going to be on the Today Show talking about career and technical education.

    Tomorrow, an organization that I am treasurer for is having their annual gala, and our key note speaker is Richard Dreyfuss! I am sitting at the head table with him and I get to introduce him. I'm super excited! It is so random, yet awesome.

    Tonight, I am possibly going to the capitols home opener with a friend, I'm kind of eh about it. I don't really care to go.

    Ooooo one other thing! So all week, I've been tracking what I eat and I lost 3 pounds!! Woo Hoo!!

    MD- I recently made baked apples with pillsbury biscuit dough, so easy and so delicious! Lower fat than pie crust too!

    DB- I love to hate Jillian. The metabolism one has kicked my butt! I usually do the 30 day shred.

    GMC- I hate getting up in the dark... yuck! Are you guys all unpacked?

    Ros- Your night with your Dad sounds fantastic. You are a lucky girl!
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    Good afternoon! I'm just popping in for a few minutes... I figured since I can't sit at my desk during my lunch hour to surf the internet, I can designate 12-1 for knotting/nesting. Tongue out Not much new here... just looking forward to BL tonight.

    Trisha- yay for getting wedding stuff done!

    Jamie- Very cool that you get to meet and introduce Richard Dreyfuss! I didn't realize the Caps home opener is tonight... that means lots of fans around the metro after work, blah.

  • edited December 2011
    Agreed on rainy Tuesday...

    The only good thing is it's Farmer's Market day in my neighborhood (South Side) so I'm going to get some goodies on the way home! Salsa, goat cheese, veggies, maybe a pumpkin!

    LOVE Jillian! I am going to pop her in tonight when I get home! 

    And I read the whole Girl with the Dragon tattoo series!  I am enjoying having time to read and knit now that the wedding & HM are over! Perfect fall activities!
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