Bar/Alcohol/Liquor License HELP!!!

Hey everyone!
I am looking for some information on Liquor Licenses.  Our reception is being held at a building at our fairgrounds, so a bar/bartender is not provided/included.  We decided that we are going to offer 2 kinds of wine (red and white), 3-4 mixed drink selections, and 2 (maybe 3) kegs of different beer.  We have a few friends who have been to bartending school/have been bartenders, and some uncles, who have all offered to be our bartenders and are going to rotate out with each other so they can all enjoy dancing/socializing/etc.  After asking around, we learned that we need a liquor license...only problem is, we don't know anything about them...I tried to look up info on the NE website, but there are so many options, I don't know which is the right one.  Or how much it costs.  Or anything really.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

Re: Bar/Alcohol/Liquor License HELP!!!

  • Each county has forms available at the county courthouse and usually has to be turned in at least 30 days prior. The liquor license is in the name of the party that files it, the biggest reason for denials is a felony so make sure whoever files has a clean background. You MIT want to cut the mixed drinks be because the price of the license triples if it is for more than beer and wine. In Douglas county a beer/wine permit is $100
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