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March 2010 Weddings

March 27th Ladies!!!!!

We are 3 months away!!! Can you believe it? Is anyone else feeling the time crunch?

Here is what I am working on this month
-Finish and mail my invitations next week!
-Get going on DIY projects
-Finalize ceremony with Minister
-Start making lists of all of the little things left to do
-Start getting everything planned out for the week of the wedding
- Work on RD details with FMIL
-Book my flight home to NH for my shower in Feb.
There is a lot of other stuff as well, but this is what I could think of right now!

What are you working on this month?!

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Re: March 27th Ladies!!!!!

  • 3mths!  Yikes!

    so, this is what I am up to

    -I am working on creating a master vendor list...than I plan to contact each one and confirm time of arrivals and final payment amount
    -finish my escort cards
    -work on a few DIY projects
    -mail out our invitations and hope for the best
    -first fitting next week :-D
    -try to lose 10 pounds through osmosis
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  • Woohoo 3 months ladies!

    Lets see this month...

    -receive the fully addressed invitations back from the stationary woman (check out my invitations in my bio under "all things paper" and let me know what you think!)
    -first dress fitting on January 16... and one of my BMs is going to come up from Pennsylvania to visit that weekend so no having to go alone or bring FI!
    -hopefully ordering our ketubah tomorrow
    -order the glass to break for our ceremony
    -order our kippot
    -inform all GM of the tuxes we picked out this past weekend and get them to order theirs
    -get in touch with the baker and find out what in the world is up

    So excited to see everything coming together!
  • I cannot believe it!!

    -Tomorrow I am ordering invites (yikes.. I know) and plan to sned them out by Jan 15
    -Tomorrow I am also meeting with florist to put things in stone and get order in
    -need to choose caterer (another yikes- have met w/2 already- everyone soo expensive! Another meeting next week)
    -and all the little details... too much!

    it is coming so soon but I cannot wait to be married!!!!
  • Yes, I am also starting to feel the time crunch. Yikes!

    This month I am...

    1. Sending out the invitations
    2. Working on more DIY projects (Programs, etc.)
    3. Booking my first fitting
    4. Finding shoes
    5. Finalizing flowers
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  • OMG, less than 3 months, can you believe it??  I'm just now starting on stuff again so my to do list is about the same, but at least I can actually do the stuff now, assuming I don't get really lazy...

    -FI and the guys are going to get their tuxes
    -work on my wedding invites as soon as I buy a new ink cartridge
    -finish up addresses and address the envelopes
    -work on the stuff for the favors
    -finalize bridal shower stuff w/MOH (haven't been able to talk to her in forever!)
    -think seriously about our music choices
    -work on random other things for the tables like the numbers
  • I have a list a few threads down.
  • 3 months.  Can you believe it?

    Here are the plans...

    finalize shower plans with MOH
    purchase undergraments for dress
    first fitting for the dress
    finalize RD location details
    shop for wedding jewelry
    shop for and purchase veil (yikes!!)
    finalize MOH and BMs dresses
    purchase wedding party gifts
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