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Least favorite thing at weddings?

What is your least favorite things at a wedding?
Your favorite/most memorable things?

Re: Least favorite thing at weddings?

  • Hate it when it looks like a cookie cutter wedding.

    Love the warm and cozies you get form the feeling of love in the air.
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  • least favorite: the tosses like PP , really long toasts and when the dancing keeps being stopped to do activities. 

    Favorite: Dinner, dancing and drinking with good friends.
  • I'm in a minority - it's cool - but I really hate the first dance, and the father/daughter, mother/son dances.  I tend to zone out, stop watching, and pray that it will be over faster.  I feel like I'm intruding on a very intimate moment for the people involved.

    I love when people have pictures of the couple from all ages (NOT in cheesy slideshow format, but just around the reception), meeting their family members, and generally having a good time.
  • I hate cash bar. I hate toasts that last longer than 2 minutes. I hate any type of "money dance". I hate BP dances. I hate the garter toss (Which is weird, because I'm cool with the bouquet toss)

    I love dancing. I love great food. I love good cake. I love watching the couple be "so in love" during their first dance (Unless the dance is 5 minutes long and it's just them swaying in a circle ... I have minimal patience, lol). I also love "The Kiss" at the end of the ceremony.

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  • Love: food, good drinks, dancing, originality, beautiful flowers...MOST THINGS ABOUT A WEDDING! :)

    Hate: garter toss and I'm with Labrnr--HATE when it looks like a cookie cutter wedding
  • Hate: When bride/groom seem to have never heard their vows before reciting them after their officiant. Or when bride or groom looks completely unhappy with their wedding

    Love: When bride/groom are obviously in love and enjoying themselves.
  • I hate the tosses too, yet we're doing them. But we're inviting anyone who wants to participate, not just the single people, just to make it a little more fun, and maybe offer a little gift to whoever catches it (like a gift card or something). I also hate guests showing up when they didn't RSVP, this happened at my cousin's wedding and they ran out of food.

    But I love everything else, it's all about the couple when I go to a wedding so I don't mind the toasts or dances, because I know they mean so much to the bride and groom.
  • I'm like Joy with the special dances. They seem so contrived to me. B&G is ok, but the other people can dance with the B&G during the rest of the reception. WHy do we all have to watch?
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  • xoxobxoxob member
    I love the tosses, but HATE when the guy who catches the garter puts it on the girl who catches the bouquet. So awkward.

    I hate it when the Bride and her BMs have like some cheesy choreographed dance that they make everyone watch them do. I went to a wedding where the bride put on an apron over her dress and did a pseudo burlesque dance in the center of the floor with the groom's dinner plate and said "This is is the first and last time your wife will serve you dinner". It made me want to throw up.
  • Hate: Wedding toasts that go on for 20 minutes that tell stories that they shared with the bride/groom that are ony funny because "you were there" and are completely inappropriate.  I don't need a history lesson of how you met/ funniest story or anything like- say congrats and move on.

    Love: Conversating with people outside of the norm.
  • I love the first dance because it gives the B&G a few minutes to themselves to just revel in the day.  I love it when the bride is coming down the aisle and you can see the tears / smile / emotion in the eye lock between and her groom.

    I hate when grooms take the first opportunity they can to be gross during the garter toss.  Can't stand father/daughter mother/son dances.  Whose idea were those?  It always looks awkward and it's always to that stupid "Butterfly Kisses" song... no bueno.
  • Other than an obvious etiquette faux pas, the thing I dislike most is tosses.

    The thing I like the most is when the B&G pay attention to their guests. Table visits, providing good food, etc.
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  • Hate: When relatives push you out on the floor during the bouquet toss.

    Fiance and i went to a wedding last year (a couple of months before we got engaged) and his wonderful aunt (who happens to be my favorite but happened to be wonderfully drunk) got very upset that we weren't running out to participate in the garter/bouquet tosses.

    Excuse me, but having some random guy I've never met before go up my leg with a garter (not to mention in front of a crowd of people i've never met and fiance's family) would be WAY too awkward for me.
    And fiance feels the same way.. but in reverse lol.

    His aunt "You're still single until you're married!! Yell.. get out there!!"
    I feel that I stopped being "single" when my now-fiance and I started dating 4 years ago.

    people are funny.

    that being said, we will be having a garter and bouquet toss but those who don't wish to participate won't have to lol.
  • Hate- garter/bouquet toss, long or uncomfortable speeches

    Love- first dances, good speeches, good food/drink
  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-boards_snarky-brides_least-favorite-thing-weddings?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20BoardsForum:17Discussion:71e15f9c-540f-41b5-ba8a-97469b007dd9Post:cf34d50c-7b3c-4544-a32a-4c0724d01e33">Re: Least favorite thing at weddings?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Hate: the bouquet toss, the garter toss, the glass-clinking to get the new couple to kiss, line dancing Love: seeing everyone have fun, especially the bride and groom; special dances (father/daughter, longest married, etc)
    Posted by lisarose7[/QUOTE]

    Succinct, and my thoughts exactly!
  • kee80kee80 member
    My favorite part of a wedding is when the couple is introduced as "Mr. & Mrs" for the first time.  The couple always looks so happy :)

    Least favorite?  I'd have to say the bouquet toss.  Nothing like humiliating your female guests to really complete a wedding!
  • Hate: the glass clinking/bell ringing to make the couple kiss (my uncle made a point to do that every 2 minutes when my first husband and I got married), the "wedding songs", ie "Electric Slide", "Macarena", anything that makes me get into formation to dance...also not a fan of the "Butterfly Kisses" song...when my ex and I got married, it was "Yesterday" by the Beatles for the father/daughter dance...

    Love: seeing the newly married couple so happy...that's the best part! Being a part of a wedding celebration is just awesome :)
  • LEAST favorite thing...waiting an hour for them to take pics with NO food, NO drinks, NOTHING. sitting at a table staring at other guests. SO inconsiderate.

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  • jeb113jeb113 member
    I absolutely HATE the clinking of the glasses to get the couple to kiss.  Once would be fine, but it always gets out of control.  Also, around where I'm from, it sometimes gets changed from clinking glasses to having an entire table stand up and sing a song with the word love in it to get the couple to kiss. That is even more obnoxious!!

    I love good music, dancing, and just watching everyone have a great time!  That's what I remember the most from every wedding I've ever been to!
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