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My husband and I spent our anniversary in Vegas last week.  To celebrate, we did a photoshoot along the strip and on Fremont street.  Since we didn't have a Vegas wedding, we didn't use too many vendors but I wanted to review the 2 that we did use

Hair and make up- Lori White.  Lori did a great job.  She came to the hotel and got right to work.  She did a great job with my hair (updo) and it lasted all night.  I had no idea what I wanted for make up so I told her to surprise me.  She gave me exactly what I never knew I wanted!  She worked for about 2 hours and made sure everything was perfect before she left.

Photography Kristen Hansen of KMH photography- Kristen was absolutely amazing.  We had soo much fun working with her.  She had tons of great ideas for both the strip and Freemont street.  We shot everywhere from the Bellagio to an alley on Fremont Street.  She was suggesting locations before we could even suggest them She also graciously took photo advice from an enthusiastic Elvis that we met while shooting at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign.  We just did the shoot last Sunday, so I don't have the pics back, but she sent us 16 amazing "teaser" shots that we LOVE. 

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  • Thanks for sharing!!! Can we see one of the teaser maybe? I love that you got Lori to surprise you with your makeup and it worked. Sounds like something I would love to do. Oh and congrats on your anniversary!
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  • Oh that is sooo awesome.  Love the idea of getting dolled up for your anniversary and taking pictures around LV.  DId you get married in Vegas?  How long have you been married? Wedding Countdown Ticker image119 Dealt!
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  • we actually got married last year in New York.  We did our anniversary shoot exactly one year after.  The teasers are posted on kmh's photography facebook page.  We are listed under Jen and Joe's trash the drss session.  Though we never actally trashed anything (except my shoes- they did not hold up well at all!)
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