Bought my dress....now I'm debating my choice

I bought my dress a little over a week ago and now I'm freaking out and wondering if I made the right choice.  I bought the dress on my first dress outing and I only tried on maybe 12 when I had a list with way more than that.  I know at the time I really liked it but I swear my mind has gone blank about that day and now I can't remember how I was feeling when I had it on.  I know it wasn't an immediate "I love this dress reaction", I had narrowed down the choices and then the longer I was in this one the more I liked it.  I had a large group with me and they all loved it. 

My main issue is the material - it's satin.  My wedding is in May and I'm sure satin is an insane choice, it wasn't even a material I had considered - which is why now I'm debating if I should have gone with something lighter or flowier.  I can't decide if I should ask the bridal shop to put a hold on the order, as it has to be made, and try on other dresses or if I should listen to the people that were with me and believe that it's the right dress.  

To make matters worse the show "Say Yes To the Dress" is starting a version from my town and I'm going to the premier party Thursday with my friend who is my wedding photographer; she invited me because she knows I love the show - so I'll be surrounded by dresses and I'm worried I'll see something I like more than mine.

Is it normal to second guess your dress?  I guess it's just my first major purchase for the wedding and all of my pictures from that day will be in this outfit so I want to make sure it's the right choice. 

Here's a picture, any opinions are greatly welcomed!

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Re: Bought my dress....now I'm debating my choice

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    I think its pretty normal to doubt your choice with so many options out there. If you love your choice then stick with it :-D but its all a matter of opinion and not right or wrong...
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  • carrieoz_76carrieoz_76 member
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    I totally flipped out and was convinced that I'd made a horrible mistake.  Mine was a sample, so I insisted that we drive up to the shop (over an hour's drive) the very next weekend and bring it home.  When I got to the shop, I tried it on again, and I knew that Yes, this was my dress.

    Maybe you can go back to the shop this weekend and try on the sample again to confirm that you want to buy it.  Or confirm that you don't want it, and cancel the order.

    As for the material, it's a little more formal of a look that is to my taste, but you really can wear whatever you'd like - fit it to the formality of the event, and you're fine.
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    Ah yes - I never had the "YES" moment when I put on my dress. I just don't believe that there's only one out there per person. So yes, totally normal to doubt it. Satin doesn't breathe well, it's true, but if you like it, then go for it.

    I say try the sample on again and take ONE person with you. Big groups can always convince you that you like something more than you do. If you still don't love it, cancel the order and start again!
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    I totally second guessed my dress!  It's totally normal...there are sooooo many beautiful dresses out there, how can just ONE be it?  You obviously felt good in it, you look great in it, you picked it for a reason.  Just relax and stop looking at other dresses .
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    I also did not think my dress was the one when i first tried it on.. i went to a couple of more stores and tried on a TON more dresses.. narrowed it down to 2 then tried on each dress a couple more times (they were are different stores mind you) and finally made my decision.... I still think my ultimate dream dress is still out there, but for my price range and the time crunch i was in, im VERY happy with the dress.

    go back and try it on again, if you still feel good or better about it, then you made the right choice. I liked mine ten times better the second time I tried it, so I bought it. 

    BTW, I think the dress looks great on you and very pretty. But agree that Satin in Hawaii is somehting to think about, thought May you should be alright, esp if the reception is at a hotel or indoor venue with AC. if it were in july/aug/sept I would completely nix it.

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    I also 2nd guessed my dress................. I found it the very first day I tried on wedding dresses with about 5 people with me, cried, had my moment but still felt I wasn't ready to commit. I went out again 2 weeks later with just one person to a whole new store and tried on a whole new batch of dresses and fell in love with the same one. I went home looked at pics of myself in it and totally picked it apart but the minute I went back and put the dress on I was in love with it all over again. I went out a third time to a different store about 2 months later and tried on dresses I thought had everything I thought I was missing from that dress.................... I ended up purchasing that dress in the end and wouldn't change a think about it . It's also satin and I'm also getting married in May (we'll be dripping sweat together LOL).

    Point being - I can sit and stare at pic's and think about what i wish was on the dress or mising from it but the minute I step into it I have a overwhelming feeling and love it all over. Maybe you should go try it on again with a smaller crowd???

    PS - love say yes to the dress!!
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  • AKWinterBrideAKWinterBride member
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    I am STILL second guessing my dress!  I think it is natural, especially when you see so many gorgeous dresses around.  I love my dress, but I think my Mom really loved it more than me, which is why I am questioning my intentions behind buying it.  But, when I put it on, I still love it and feel special in it, so I'm sticking with it!  I just stopped looking at dresses, it's too hard if you keep looking.  You may end up a 3 dress bride!! 
    I personally love the dress you chose!!
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    Thanks for all your responses!  I talked to my mom tonight and she said she thinks part of the issue is the dress didn't photograph well for any of us, she said it looks better in person - that's great except I need it to look good in photographs haha.  I'm really second guessing the material so I'm going to call the shop I ordered from tomorrow and see if they can put a hold on the order.  I think for my own sanity I need to try a dress with a softer material and then my dress again, I need to know for myself that I tried what I needed to try on so I don't have any regrets.  Hopefully it's not too late and the store can work with me!
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    So I waited too long and the dress has already been started so now I don't have a choice.  I'm a little freaked out bc I'm really not sure I want this dress anymore and I don't know what to do.  I guess I don't understand why the order can't be stopped - I ordered the dress a little under two weeks ago and it won't be delivered until the middle to end of December, surely they can't be very far into the dress-making process - does anybody here know how dress production works?  I've been debating this since last week and now I'm kicking myself that I didn't call a week ago :(
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