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1st Draft... Opinions Please!

My wedding is a month away, and I've finally finished my 1st draft. Opinions please, and don't worry about being nice.

Craig, before I was in love with you, I loved you as my friend.
I loved you for your sense of humor, your honesty, your big heart and that constant smile.
As we’ve grown together in love over the years, you have become more than my friend.
You have become my home.
Your humor has been the cure for my tears.
Your honesty has helped our love grow strong, without limit.
Your big heart has continued to grow.
And that smile has been a beacon, helping me find my way home when I lose my way.
As we begin this next chapter of our lives together,
I promise to never take you, or our love, for granted.
I promise to respect your individuality, and remember that although we may not always share the same desires and needs, yours are no less important than my own.
I promise to continue to laugh with you, during times of joy and sorrow… even when The Bills don’t make the playoffs.
I promise to always share with you my innermost thoughts and feelings, and to always be there for you to share yours.
I promise to grow with you, and to face every challenge together, holding hands.
I promise to remain honest and true to you, and only you.
But above all, I promise to love you every minute of every day, with all that I am and all that I feel inside, forever and always.

P.S. About The Bills line - my fiancee and I are huge football fans.

Re: 1st Draft... Opinions Please!

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