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Destination Weddings

RSVPing guests

Have you had a situation with guests where they call you up and tell you that they're coming to your destination wedding, only to fall off the radar and only when you ask them again months late, have them say that they actually can't attend?

Don't get me wrong, I don't expect guests to come to my destination wedding but seriously, don't tell me you're DEFINATLEY coming and get me all excited until you have bought the tickets! 2 guests didn't mention anything to me about coming until the day they bought the tickets and I was FLOORED. But then you have these guests who tell you they're coming and then back out!

Re: RSVPing guests

  • i think when the word wedding comes up people feel the need to please the bride/groom by saying of course I'll be there with out actually thinking it though.  thats the impression I get from some family members.  dont say you are going if you have no intention of going.  we are not expecting you to go so dont feel you need to say you are going.  my thoughts on it. 

    but I will believe it when I see they aer booked :) 
    Baby #1 Due May 31st, 2013
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