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Wedding in a Public Venue - Nassau County


I am newly engaged, and though we really have not jumped into planning my dream venue is a school in the town we grew up in.  The school is considered state property as it is a public school. 

My question to all the brides out there is has this been done before?

What are the alcohol on Public Premises policies in New York State?

I've done very little research at this point and figured it might be worth popping in here.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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Re: Wedding in a Public Venue - Nassau County

  • While a cool idea and I get it, I think this will be very difficult to pull off. I'm not sure what public school would open up just for you and allow you to drink there.

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  • I was just walking past a library and I've heard of library weddings and I can't imagine those being alcohol free and on public property...worth looking into.
    Where you invest your love, you invest your life.
  • I have a feeling people are not drinking inside a library... especially if it's open to the public and kids are there. If they are closing down the library to the general public then yes, perhaps they would have alcohol.

    I have never heard of a library wedding.
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  • you should contact the local town hall for the place you want to have it. or contact the place itself.


  • I have heard of weddings in the NY public library in the city and also one in Boston in their huge library... both with alcohol.  there are permits and i would assume a huge list of "don'ts".
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