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January 2011 Weddings

I've officially lost my FI :(

I don't know why I did this to myself again... every year I buy him a new video game and then that's all he does 24/7 (when he's not at work). I knew it would happen, but totally didn't realize how bad of timing it was :( Oh well, we got the majority of the stuff done and out of the way before Christmas :) How was everyone else's Christmas?
~January 2011~
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Re: I've officially lost my FI :(

  • Argh I know! Call of Duty Black Ops is my enemy!! When I read your posts subject my heart dropped into my stomach lol glad you're only losing him to a gaming system!! Marry Christmas!!!
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  • Haha, I made that mistake long ago! Like the PP glad you didn't lose him out of your life! :]
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  • LOL I so bought mind Halo Reach. I'll never see him again!!!
  • Same thing here... I lose him to video games ALOT.
    Besides smashing the play station I can't see a way to win, lol.

  • LMAO @ pizza! I could never do that to him. He's been pretty good at putting down the controller when something needs to be done. So I'll let him keep his game ;) For now....
    ~January 2011~
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  • omg the subject scared me too!!! yeah i got FI a PS3 for his birthday/christmas. he's been pretty good tho. i've been cutting him a lot of slack cuz he works full time and i dont :p

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  • HAHAH my FI is the same way.. COD black ops is his mistress!.  We came to an agreement. He has to get off when I get home. Then when I go to bed he can get back on. Unless I am doing school work or something else, then he gets on earlier.
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  • I understand this! My guy went so far as to buy a second Xbox360 when the kinect came out, as well as sims3 on the console, to keep me occupied while he wants to play. Awesome dedication there!
  • I'm in the same boat as you ladies! My FI plays Black Ops & Halo Reach while I'm at work and when I go to bed. When I am home he does not play. However, I do enjoy watching him play Black Ops, it's more entertaining than Halo Reach. I HATE Halo Reach! Blahhhhh! I don't understand how a video game can consume someone for so long at a time! >:o

    But at the end of the day... I still love him. I guess he needs his "man" time.

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  • Wow Lace! I hope you guys have two tvs as well! LOL! I do have to admit I love the Sims :) And Mrs. Tyler ~ be happy that's what our men consider their "man" time ;) It could be worse, right?
    ~January 2011~
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