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Hair & Makeup Huntsville - Help I am planning from Boston!

Can anyone make recommendations for hair and makeup in Huntsville?  I am planning my wedding from Boston (my fiance's family is from Huntsville).  I am staying at the Embassy Suites downtown for the weekend of the wedding (Sept 2011).  I would really appreciate any suggestions!

Re: Hair & Makeup Huntsville - Help I am planning from Boston!

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    Well, I'm down in Mobile so I can't be of much help.  But Google brought me this result.  Maybe you could contact her?  http://jennifertrimm.com/default.aspx
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  • hckaczynhckaczyn member
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    I live in Huntsville, and I was looking into getting my hair done at Artisan's Salonand Spa. I believe they also do makeup, but it might not be what you're lookng for. http://www.artisanssalonspa.com/index.php

    This day spa near me does makeup application:

    This hair salon got voted as the best in the area and they do makeup; it's also expensive.

    Another highly-rated salon:

    i'm having a friend do my makeup so unfortuantely I can't give you any personal recommendations, sorry!

    ETA: Sorry, I forgot to mention that Terrame Day Spa is in Jones Valley area, kind of at the far edge of the city limits. It might be kind of a long drive depending on where your venue is.
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    Thank you so much!  I will look into those places!
  • Heather8505Heather8505 member
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    I am getting my hair done at Elleven Salon in downtown Huntsville so it is really close to the Embassy Suites (that's where we are staying also).  They have eally good reviews if you google them and are reasonable priced.  They also do makeup there but I have not priced it.  Dianne with D'nani is doing my makeup and she will do it on location.  She is rather high IMO but is highly rated.

    Ashley at Bliss Salon on South Parkway has also been recommended but is a farther drive.
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    Has anyone heard anything about Gavin at Shine downtown Huntsville? 
  • hckaczynhckaczyn member
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    Sorry, I haven't. But I found these reviews for you:

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  • sciostarbugsciostarbug member
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    Just FYI, Artisans Salonspa is closed - indefinately. I found this out when I went, as per my appointment, to have my hair styled for my engagement photo shoot, and found a locked, empty, dark building. No phone call to cancel my appointment or anything. VERY unprofessional.

    BUT, found a great styling salon at Dillard's. They're so sweet and did my hair perfectly!
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