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People keep asking

So since we have been married people keep asking...how's married life, anything different? And DH and I have to say not really! Actually not at all everything is pretty much the same as it has always been expect now we both have a ring on our finger and we got to go on a great vacation.....

So my question to you is...is anything different now that your married? I think most of us lived with our DH before we were married but what about those who didn't? How is the adjustment going??
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Re: People keep asking

  • pag4989pag4989 member
    It feels the same for me and I am so sick of questions! Before the wedding it was "are you nervous/ready?" Now its "How's the married life?" Ugh!
  • We lived together before so aside from the rings and the fun new cooking gadgets its pretty much the same oh and he answers when I yell HUSBAND!!!!! :) hehe
  • I haven't really had anyone ask me....yet!

    I'm sure most of you know what I'm going to say :P

    The only thing that's really changed for us is the fact that we can have sex again!  Only other thing is that it's weird having people call me "wife" or Shaun "husband".
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  • Yeah, just the titles pretty much and new gadgets. Everything else is the same.
  • I picked some things have changed because I really do feel a little different -- we just feel closer and happier with each other than ever.......but we have lived together for a long time so yeah, not much really has changed!
  • Ditto Rachel!!!!

    I feel like we are much closer lately and like we fell in love all over again.  The first thing DH said to me when he saw me on our wedding day was 'WOW" over and over.  He was basically speechless for probably the first time ever.  I think that's what made me fall in love again.

    Plus the titles (wife/hubby) are taking some getting used to.

  • I have to say the same as Rachel.  It feels as though that bond between us has gotten stronger and we are happier and more light hearted, you know?  I love it.  It's awesome!
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  • Agree with the last few PP...I have noticed a stronger bond now...it's not tangible, but you just feel it. We were together 10 years prior to getting married, and bought a home together 5 years ago...so our family unit was sort of in place already (I'm including our two furry children!)...

    But there really is this feeling, this new way that I look at him now that really warms me up inside, and he has said he feels the same way too. We both were fiercly independant when we got together all those years ago, and always said that we didn't need marriage to "validate" our relationship...but guess what? That's exactly what marriage did for us in a way, and now we are like "why didn't we do this sooner?"...LOL
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  • Yes, it is different. Not completely it is just we are somehow way more committed to each other. 
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