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I know I'm a day early, but I'm sure most of us will be leaving town or getting prepared for 4 day weekend wooooooooooo hooooo!!!!!! I really doubt anyone will sign in tomorrow.

So what are the plans for this 4 day weekend??

As for myself....
Wed night/Thursday- Unfortunately, I work tomorrow Cry and last minute FFIL cancelled on us for T-day, so FBIL decided we should have dinner with his family but here is the catch I cook the WHOLE meal. So I will be cooking the turkey and making the sides. I think my FMIL will be making the mac and cheese and someone else will be making the stuffing. But everything else is on me. Talk about pressure!  So tonight I will be preparing everything so that tomorrow while I'm at work (totally a bummer) FI just puts everything in the oven. Hopefully by the time I get home everything will be sorta ready.
Wish me luck ladies hopefully everything is edible! lol

Friday- SHOPPING!!!! Yes we plan to get up EARLY and hit the malls to see any good deals!

As for Sat & Sun. I think just rest I think I will be exhausted after cooking and the sales lol.

Have a wonderful weekend ladies, enjoy the time with your family and friends and lets all be thankful for what we have!

Also as much as we want to pig out, we have to promise to not to, can't slack on our wedding day goals. I'm a sucker for pumpkin pie eeeeekkk!

Happy Thanksgiving Ladies!


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    Sounds like you're going to be super busy the next two days! Wowza cooking all of that by yourself!? I'd be freaking out! haha Well good luck on that one!

    As for me...I'm helping my mom cook for tomorrow's Thanksgiving dinner, we are just staying home and we are having some family members come over...nothing too big.

    Friday I will be going to Disneyland with my little sister...she says she wants a whole day with cute she called it a "sister bonding day" so that should be fun.

    Sat I should be working on wedding stuff...I still need to find some kind of crystals to hang on the manzanita tree (which I will be using for place card table)....any ideas?

    Sunday- just plan to relax.

    Other than that....Have a great Thanksgiving ladies! and don't eat too much!Innocent

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    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    I made 5 Pumpking Bread loves last night for co-workers and for tomorrow. I'm making Pumpkin cheesecake tonight and Stuffing!!!
    Those are my

    Hope you all have a happy Turkey, Try not to eat too much... or at least workout Friday, Sat, and Sunday!!!

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    -Wow quemiras! Sounds like you will be busy the next few days. Hope your food comes out good, especially since you're the one in charge of the food. 
    - Vans, Disneyland sounds fun. I'm sure you'll have fun bonding with your sister. It's nice having those days.
    - vjore, I also make pumpkin cheesecake. It's my sister's favorite, so I'm going to make it...especially now that she's pregnant.
    - We're having Thanksgiving at my parent's house. I'm making the desserts tonight (cheesecake pumpkin cheesecake, and pumpkin pie) that way they will be ready for tomorrow's dinner.  Not sure what I'lll be doing Friday, I'll probably go watch New Moon.  

     Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Hello ladies...

    I have no idea why I am still up at 2:30 AM...sheesh!

    I was supposed to make pumpkin muffins (with homemade cream cheese icing) tonight BUT I am not doing it until the morning.

    Friday - I think FI wants to go shopping BUT that would require us to have to find a babysitter for the little one because I am NOT taking her in the madness.

    Saturday - I have a funeral to go great uncle passed. :-(

    Sunday - FI and I have an appointment to go to.

    Thats it for me...

    Happy Thanksgiving Ladies!
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    xxquemiras: WoW! you are going to be one busy lady! I hope everything comes out Delicious!

    Vans: Have fun at Disneyland with your sister..

    As for Today: We will be having Thanksgiving at my house, just like every other year. This year, a bit Special in way since it will be my Last ( if you say it that way) T~giving Day living at Home with the parents =D

    Friday: I will be going out shopping =D Hopefully fi & I can scoop up a T.V =D Of course, last minute Wedding Related things =D I hope we have everything set, and ready to go.
    The Venue is allowing me to bring in and set up a few things, so I am anxiously looking forward to that =)

    Saturday: This Lady is getting her Marry On !!!!

    Sunday: The festivities will cont. at my parents house...

    Have  a safe and Happy Thanksgiving ladies!
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all :)

    I am what my family calls the "holiday cook" that means I cook during holidays only and  I go back in the box until the next holiday since I live under my parents roof and my mom and I butt heads in the kitchen--things will change once I am married thankfully.

    Turkey went off fine without a hitch(I always worry that I will overcook the breast)--but it turned out well.  I prepared to other dishes: a oyster bisque and stuffing.  My mom coordinated with me--I am glad we don't have as much food this year.  Easier to fit into the dress fitting next week(seamstress rescheduled).

    This weekend I'll probably be working on DIY projects--I am kind of stressed because I have to pack most of my stuff (computer/printer being the exception), prepare for a recital and finish up the work for my design classes while doing wedding related stuff.

    The one thing I wish would have gone differently would be that I wish my FI and I were together for Thanksgiving.  Holidays suck without him, pure and simple. I look forward to having next Thanksgiving under our own roof.

    I hope everyone has a safe an happy Thanksgiving weekend.
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