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Hi, I'm new!

I would like to let you all know I have read the intro for the ney board. I have also lurked around here for a while.
I would like to introduce myself, I'm Carla, and I just moved from British Columbia to Ontario with my boyfriend, and we a currently doing long distance while I am in school for the year. I don't know if I am now somehow insecure in our status with the added physical distance, but it has been bothering me a little more lately that I am 29 years old and not married or engaged.
We have been together two and a half years, and I have had wedding/ baby fever for a while now.

Re: Hi, I'm new!

  • Hi Carla!

    What are you studying in school?  How far apart are you and your BF?

    H and I had to do the long distance thing for a year a few years ago.  It wasn't fun, but we got through it.  

    More questions:

    Favorite Harry Potter character?
    How do you like your potatoes?
    It's Friday evening and you're at Happy Hour after a long week.  Your drink of choice is...?
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    Hi Carla!

    My BF and I did long distance for awhile too. I hated it but I think our relationship was much stronger after getting through it. I definitely don't ever want to do it again though! How much distance is between the two of you?

  • Hi Carla! I don't post much either, I'm a lurker but I know how you feel about the long distance factor in your relationship. My BF and I did that for about a year, and I know how difficult it is. Do you know a lot of people you go to school with? How often can you guys visit each other? Keeping myself busy and being able to look forward to phone calls or good night texts saying I love you got me through the rough days. I also made it a point to try to do my own activities so I had things to look forward to besides going to class. What are you going to school for?
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  • Hi, I'm doing a post-Bach in Education (elementary option), I'm in a condensed program, so I will be done in the beginning of March. We are quite far away from one another, it's a two hour drive, and a 1.5 hour flight to get to get to each other. I won't see him again until November, then Christmas break. The new year will be okay, I only have to come back to school for three weeks, and then I am doing my final placement in a town that is an out an hour away from our new town. I'm meeting lots of people at school, since we are in program where we have classes with the same group of people all day. In response to Elle1036, I've never followed Harry Potter, so I don't have a favorite character. I love potatoes, favorite way to cook them would probably be fried. At happy hour I would order white wine, or a long island iced tea.
  • Hi Curly and welcome!!  
    Do yo have a favorite dessert?


  • I do have a fav dessert, hot fudge and brownie sundae.
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