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Reception Food: Opinions?

Mmkay - I'm bored, so here's a poll.  Right now, we have three main options that we could choose from for reception food.  I'm curious to know what everyone's preference will be.  FYI, it'll be an 11:30am ceremony and we'd like a somewhat casual, party-like atmosphere.

Brunch: the option we can afford at this point is assorted breakfast pastries, bagels and cream cheese, bite-sized frittata, mini biscuit sandwiches, fruit display, salad.  It would be nice and probably delicious, but not spectacular.

Barbecue: buffet including ribs, chicken, brisket, and pulled pork, baked beans, potato salad, garden salad, garlic mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables, corn bread, and chocolate chip cookies.

Cuban: buffet including traditional roasted pork, shredded beef, chicken with herbs and onions, black beans and rice, plain white rice, red beans with chorizo, mixed salad, steamed vegetables.


Re: Reception Food: Opinions?

  • Brunch!!! Cuban is my second. Brunch is just SO yum.

    The ribs option wouldn't fly for me as I usally wear a nice dress and makeup to a wedding and I would jsut be a hot mess after that.
  • I like the idea of brunch, but I don't particularly like that specific menu. It looks too light to me.
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  • Honestly, brunch would probably under-whelm me.  BBQ is the most laid-back to me, and the yummiest!
  • I'm partial to BBQ because that's what we're doing.  I would choose brunch second.
  • The main reason I think we're leaning away from brunch, which was my original "dream" option, is that based on the research we've done in our area, a brunch as fabulous as what I wanted, we can't get for what we're looking to spend on food.

    The brunch option up there is sort of, you know, "meh."  There would definitely be enough food, no question, but it was sort of too "hotel continental breakfast" for me.
  • My fiance and I are breakfast people, so brunch would be my favorite option.

    Could you do an egg station or is that out of the budget?
  • I vote for BBQ. More laid back, if that is what you are going for.
  • Mags, a staffed reception is pretty much out of the budget.  ><  What I was told by a caterer whose opinion I asked after having received several quotes saying the same thing is that it is 100% completely reasonable for even a simple menu to be $75pp, about $25pp each for food, service, and rentals.

    So, anything that requires being made freshly, like I think eggs do, kind of not going to work for us.  *sigh*
  • I totally agree with your assessment of the brunch option.  I think a brunch option could be either awesome or lame.  Not a lot of in-between.  Sorry. 

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    Does the cuban food have significance for you (eg, your cultural heritage)? If so, I'd go with that. 


    I'd really love brunch, but I'm just not a fan of your menu there... other than the bagels. 


    edited to add:

    mmmmm, bagels. Now I am hungry, damn it, and there's no where anywhere at all nearby that sells bagels. Damn you, america and your bagels!!!


  • In Response to Re: Reception Food: Opinions?:
    [QUOTE]The brunch option up there is sort of, you know, "meh."  There would definitely be enough food, no question, but it was sort of too "hotel continental breakfast" for me.
    Posted by cupcake_rampage[/QUOTE]

    Yes, my thoughts exactly!
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  • Okay well it is at least good to know we're not giving up on our initial idea for nothing :)

    And yes, my fiance is part-Cuban.  Very part.  Like 1/8 (his great-grandfather was from Cuba).  But we did think it would be sort of a neat tie-in, even aside from the fact that we love Latin food.
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    I would go with the Cuban, in that case. I think that brunch is a really awesome idea, but if you can't afford to go with some other foods than you've listed, you're right, it will feel very hotel-breakfast esque.
  • From those menus, I would pick BBQ.  If you asked me based on just the meal (i.e., if I would prefer BBQ, brunch, etc), I would definitely say brunch.  I agree with PP. The brunch menu seems too light to me.
  • I like brunch, so I voted for brunch. But BBQ almost wins out for me as well. Either one would be good.
  • My answer to any food question is always BBQ. I don't even have to look at the menus to to decide. Who doesn't like delicous messy BBQ? Well, aside from vegetarians I suppose.
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  • Yay, thanks you guys - this is really helpful.  I actually can't think of a single person we're planning to invite that is vegetarian.  But if we do have some, we'll probably end up getting portobello mushroom or eggplant and tofu skewers or something like that.
  • Being from Memphis, I'm a HUGE fan of BBQ - but not at a wedding.  It's way to messy.  I like the brunch idea, but the menu sounds a little bland. I would go with the cuban spread.  I think it would be an awesome way to tie the family history into the wedding reception.
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  • Where are the plantains with the cuban option.  My mouth is watering.
  • I'm a sucker for brunch, but could you add something a little more lunchy to that menu? It seems a little skewed to the breakfast side of things.
  • I wouldn't have anything but carbs to eat at the first two, so I'd pick Cuban as long as the black beans & rice were vegetarian. I usually prefer brunch, but I usually do eggs. So, if your bite-size frittataz were veg, I'd be happy!
  • Fi and I are having a restaurant reception.  We are thinking of going with Cuban food.  If not Cuban, we will go with Mexican.  He is Puerto Rican.  Cuban food is similar to traditional Puerto Rican food with a twist.  
  • I love hispanic food sooo much, so that's where my vote went, however, you will get some people who don't like spicy food, so that might be a problem. The BBQ was my second choice, that one has stuff just about everyone likes, but I think the Cuban is more fun. :)
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  • I also agree on your assessment of the wedding brunch.  When i think of "Wedding Brunch" I think of poached salmon, quinche loraines with champagne and orange juice, not bagels and cream cheese.

    The Barbeque option is more hearty than the Brunch, and if you're looking to appeal to demographics of your guests would be the most comfortable option.

    If you're more interested in going exotic, then Cuban. 

    It all depends on what your priorities are. I vote Barbeque.

  • Cuban!!  We have gone to several wedings in Miami that served the Cuban food you were describing, and everyone loved it-- including Americans like myself!  It's something fun and different.  See if they will throw in tostones or plantains, yum :)
  • Definately cuban- not only is your FI part cuban but the food is amazing.  I also looovve puerto rican food.  If any of you haven't tried it please do.  Just so you don't think I am biased I am polish american and FI is chinese american.  I love breakfast too but agree too hotel breakfast... can you change caterers or bring in your own food? 
  • Cuban sounds more interesting and fun. Wedding food can so often be boring. I agree with the girls before me that barbecue would be yummy, but too messy for a wedding, and the brunch seems sparse.
  • I would avoid the brunch as is menu....I love both cuban and bbq menus but it comes down to what fits in the most with your theme.  If you're going with a more spanish theme--romantic or tropical, etc, then the cuban fits best--maybe even play some salsa music at the reception, and so on.  If you're going for a more country-like feel, then the bbq fits best.  Both are yummie!
  • I like the idea of Cuban. For the brunch option have you looked into not having a traditional caterer but having a restraunt do it? I know we use a place for work breakfast that does eggs, toast ect and is really reasonable. They even provide the chaffing trays.
  • i LOVE breakfast food, but i agree that the menu is a little too hotel continental breakfast to really be considered brunch so i wouldn't chose that option.

    i don't ever turn down pulled pork, garlic mash, or chocolate chip cookies so i personally would do the BBQ :) both the Cuban and the BBQ are going to be equally messy so like someone else said, it really all depends on the feel of the day for you guys. if your day has a latin flare to it, then do the Cuban. if it's more down home comfort/casual, then do the BBQ. GL!!
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