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December 2010 Weddings

12/4/10 Brides!!!

We're 100 days away!!! YAY!!! I don't know about you ladies but some days I think I am looking forward to the day after more than the day of. I am so excited to drop down into the double digits tomorrow it seems like it has taken forever to get here.
How's everyone doing with the planning?

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Re: 12/4/10 Brides!!!

  • I'm a 12/3 bride so I just hit double digits today. :-)

    Last night I had a dream that the wedding was actually September 3rd and I had been all wrong on my calculations this whole time, my dress hadn't been altered, I hadn't even met with the catering co. yet... so needless to say this morning I was really glad there were still 99 days to get everything planned!

    I'm looking forward to the day, but also the whole week after that we'll have for just the two of us to relax without any wedding stress!

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  • IT's so cazy when you realize how quickly time is flying by!!! It's all starting to get so real, if that makes sense =) OUr invitations are in and the calligrapher has finished them all so we are at invitation assembly mode right now!
    Yay bring on the last 100 days!!!
    215 invited image 171 ready to party image 40 Missing out image 4 making us wait image RSVP Date is Oct 23rd
  • We are officially in Double Digits ladies! :) 
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