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lavender wedding toss (for grand exit)

I have decided to use loose lavender for guests to toss for our grand exit. I am not sure what the best packaging would be for the loose lavender. I realize it would be best to have the lavender poured into individual containers before the "grand exit" then handed to guests as the moment comes. The question is what should I use? drawstring sache bags, paper cones, etc? I had purchased some plastic 2 oz shot glasses to pour the lavender into and hand to guests.Opinions would be appreciated!

Re: lavender wedding toss (for grand exit)

  • You aren't going to want to hear this but tossing lavender is not a good idea at all.  There are more people than you would guess who are allergic to it.  A really good friend of mine is so sensitive that if she were a guest at your wedding, she'd have to go home, shower, wash her hair, take a different car to your reception and then her husband would have to take her car to be professionally detailed the next day.
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  • Many people are allergic it to.  Skip it.
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    I HATE lavender. It makes me sneeze and it just all-around sucks.  I even ask my pedicurist to skip the lotion rub down if it has lavender in it. SKIP THIS. 

    ETA:  To answer the question at hand: trash bags. The packaging I'd use is trash bags.
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    I'd reconsider the lavender.

    Whatever you choose to toss, I think paper cups or envelopes are okay. Paper cones would be tough because they don't stand up on their own, so you can set them down once they've been filled.  You'd have to have a "paper-cone-holder" somewhere to hold the cones full of lavender or whatever until people take them.   
  • Skip the lavender. 
  • I am doing lavender. I am putting it in drawstring bags and I will put them in a basket with the words to toss or to keep. I didn't realized people were allergic so I am glad I chose to do it this way instead of handing them out!
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