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How do I handle programs for "absent" bridesmaid?

Long story short, my sister is unable to be my bridesmaid for my wedding in 2 months.  I just found this out 2 weeks ago.  I considered replacing her, but decided to have an uneven bridal party (there were 4 on each side).  I am going to note that she regrets she can't be there, but how can I note that on the program... should I say "honorary" bridesmaid, or just put a note under her name? 

Re: How do I handle programs for "absent" bridesmaid?

  • List her as a BM because that's what she is, she just can't be there.
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    I would either list her as a BM or not list her at all. Putting honorary or writing some sort of explanation will only be awkward.
  • If you list someone as honorary, I would assume they were either deceased or absent because they were deployed or something similar.

    I would just list her as a BM. One of my Bms was due right around our wedding and if she couldn't be in it, she was still going to be listed as a BM. If anyone asked about the fourth BM being absent, I would tell them she was having a baby.

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  • One of our groomsmen couldn't make the wedding, but he was still listed on the programs with all the rest of them.  Considering that I'm not sure anyone even took the programs, I guarantee that no one noticed.
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