Pre-wedding Parties

rehearsal dinner

Who gets invited? Are you supposed to include people bring a guest?

Re: rehearsal dinner

  • The only people that absolutely have to be there are WP, parents and officiant.  I would include a guest for each WP member because if they're traveling, then it's kind of sucky to ask them to leave their friend back at the hotel for the night.  Outside of that, you can invite immediate family members, grandparents and OOT guests. 
  • We invited wedding party, anyone else involved in the ceremony and family. I think its best to opt to keep it smaller and intimate or else you get into inviting all out of town guests and family friends and that can get pricey. I have seen it done both ways. Check out this helpful site for more rehearsal dinner etiquette tips! I dont think there is an end all be all rule of thumb so I would go with whatever works for your venue, budget and personal preference!
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