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Rhode Island

4/16 Wedding RAVES! Sayles, Nancy's Bakery, Photobooth Planet, DJ Press

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Flowers - Sayles Livingston - A
I loved working with Sayles as she delt w/ my crazy ideas and switching stuff up until right before the wedding.  My flowers were beautiful (black lilies) and I loved my bridesmaids bouquets (anemones). We had our bulldog as our second flower girl and her lil wreath came our really awesome as well.  The centerpieces were also really cute and exactly like we had talked about.  The only thing I didn't like is the dad's corsages were tiny and Sayles didn't show up day of.  I was a lil disappointed when some lady (who did not introduce herself and I still have no idea who she is) I never met before brought up the flowers.  I mean no big deal but I was just expecting Sayles to show as she was the only one I had discussed anything with.  As far as the actual flowers go I was happy.

Cake - Nancy's Bakery - A+
hehe, let me just say that we had a completely off the wall wedding cake.   Not your traditional cake by any means.  But Nancy did a RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME job.  What we had was TEN 6" square cakes done w/ a photo of us (we've been together since high school) from over the years on each cake.  We wanted the photos to be "framed" like they were polaroids with the dates written on the bottom.  AND we are obsessed with Nancy's Cookie Cakes sooooooo we requested a cookie bottom w/ chocolate ganash and vanilla cake above.  I'll wait, wipe the drool... cuz it was EXACTLY what we requested.  I really wish I had a photo to show, but when I get one I will!  The cakes were awesome.  We spread them out on risers of different heights and the guests were in awe.  Our "center cake" was left blank and we hopped in the photobooth (see below) and put 2 photos of us from that day on it and she had written "2010" on that one.  ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.  Sooo happy we worked with her!

Photobooth - Photobooth Planet, Geoff - A+
I do photography on the side and put my foot down w/the FI and said, we HAVE TO HAVE a photobooth.  They are a lil pricey but I got my way and thanks to Geoff I think it was the hit of the wedding!  He worked with the price a bit to help us out and was also available for questions and such through gmail.  There are lots of photobooth companies out there,but let me tell you.  Geoff worked all night side by side w/ the photobooth and our guest book to make it absolutely perfect.  I was worried guests wouldn't know to put one copy of their photos in the guest book and leave a message but then remembered Geoff would be there and he made it perfect!  We don't have some silly plate or huge matted photo of us to remember the night by but we have an AWESOME guest book filled with photos of our guests and lil messages from them.  What a way to remember the night.  PLUS i found frames on ebay for the second copy of each photo strip and that was their escort card holder/favor!  The photobooth was a huge hit and I would suggest Photobooth Planet to anyone!

Music - DJ Press - A+
We had Chris from DJ Press show up early even though we had a piano player for the ceremony.  He was very receptive to the music we wanted to play and there was nothing played that whole evening that I would have objected to.  He timed our entrances perfect and kept the party going all night long!  He realized what music was amping up people and what wasn't and would switch it smoothly and perfectly.  Def a huge contribution to our awesome night!

Re: 4/16 Wedding RAVES! Sayles, Nancy's Bakery, Photobooth Planet, DJ Press

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