AAA Photography!!!

I had the most amazing experience with AAA Photography.  My daughter is constantly moving and he was so very patient and worked with her alot.  He was so so nice and funny.  My husband and his brother are the 2 hardest people to get to smile for photos, but he did it.  That is amazing in its self.  The photos were so amazing, I didn't even need a videographer because he got so many shots and so many amazing shots.  I waited over nine years to marry the man of my dreams and AAA photography captured everything. I had 7 bridesmaids, 7 groomsmen, and 5 children in my wedding, not a small amount, he was patient with everyone, took his time getting the pictures with the kids in them, never excluded any child.  I could not have imagined my wedding without a photographer as spectacular as AAA photography. 

Re: AAA Photography!!!

  • I find it very fishy that a month or so ago I posted a review abput AAA that talked about the photographer not working well with a disabled child, and how upset that made the child's parents.   Suddenly someone's one and only post is a glowing review of this particular vendor and they are highlighting how well he worked with kids. 


    I truly hope that this is a real person that had a faboulous wedding experience, but this post screams vendor posing as happy customer to me.
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