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October 2011 Weddings

Postage TIP

I wanted to share this with you ladies...
Went to the post office today to buy stamps for my STDs, and got a very helpful explanation on the price of postage based on the size of what your mailing.  So the very helpful post office lady (for once!) made a copy of their sizing template for letters/postcards for me.  It was interesting to see what sizes are not mailable, not able to go through the sorting machine, and what costs extra!  Like we're talking 44cents versus 61cents each...

So, my advice is to visit your post office and ask them to make a copy of their template for you before you pick out your invitations, or even save the dates since they are usually not standard letter or postcard size.  No one wants to pay the extra money for postage if they don't have to, or even get back all of their stuff in the mail b/c they didn't put enough postage on them.  Plus, it may help narrow down those tough invitation decisions! 
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Re: Postage TIP

  • Also especially with invitations, take one completely done invite to the post office and have it weighed for postage. I've seen a ton of brides who buy such cute stamps and then are forced to add multiple penny stamps or worse to their envelopes.
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  • Also, try and hand cancel your invites or have the post office do it so they don't feed them through the machine and it eats up, tears, crumples your invite.
  • ^ Not dumb because I'm wondering the same thing! :)
  • haha okay good :)
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  • Have you ever noticed the inked stamp that's on your delivered mail? It typically has the date mailed along with the city and part of the ink stamp runs over the postage stamp. Sometimes at holidays they have a design. The ink stamp renders that postage stamp unusable thus cancelling it.

    The post office can do this stamp by hand but for the sake of time and man power, most mail is run thru a machine that does it. Only the machines aren't perfect, the stamps can get put all over, and the machine eats stuff. If you hand cancel, try to find a time to go when the post office isn't busy so they will do them for you while you watch.
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  • Sorry I was late!  Mir answered it perfectly.  :)  Basically there is a lesser chance your invites won't be eaten.  HAHA
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