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April 2011 Weddings

It's Thursday

Not much to report today but we did try a new recipe last night which was really simple and very good!
Asparagus Tart- It's just puff pastry, gruyere cheese, asparagus, olive oil and salt and pepper. It was a winner!
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Re: It's Thursday

  • I think it was Courtney and Chrissy who were making the Turkey Burgers last night. How did those turn out? I have both recipes to make if they were good! :)
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  • Happy Thursday! One more day to Friday! SO ready for the weekend!

    I woke up at 3:30am and couldn't go back to sleep for a while, but I ended up falling asleep from 6-7:30am. I feel like crap, hope this coffee will help! I have a stupid meeting at 10:30 -12pm , i hate meetings.

    The pollen has been so bad here. On Monday it was 9,000 particles per cubic meter. Everything is dusted in pollen and I am sneezing. I hope we get some rain today that will wash everything away!
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  • Mmmm, I love talking about food! I left my breakfast and lunch at home today boo! , so I got a smoked salmon bagel with capers and tomatoes. It was rather tasty! Not sure what I am doing for lunch yet, it's really warm here today, so maybe just a salad. I hope everyone has a lovely day!
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  • OMG, the turkey burgers were amazeballs!!! I added minced garlic to the recipe, and grilled them on the gas grill. Topped with lettuce, onion, sliced roma tomato, and light mayo on a whole wheat bun. This will be a repeated recipe!

    Asparagus tart sounds delish! And a little complicated?

    Yesterday was a very lonnnng day for me. Started with car trouble and ended with bumper to bumper traffic on the interstate that made my commute 30 minutes longer than usual. When I got home, Brad was washing dishes (win!) and as soon as he finished he disappeared for a second...? He came back with a surprise that he ordered for me from Etsy. Turns out that I had left my account open one day and he was sneaky and browsed through my "favorites" that I saved and ordered a print that I really loved :) Just had to brag on him a little for that one.

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  • Happy Thursday!

    Slept for crud last night, but oh well, that happens from time to time for most of us.

    Need to finish cleaning tonight since Mom, Dad, and WILLIE will be at the house when I get home from work tomorrow (they have a key - they live 5 hours away so it is not like they are just going to pop in unannounced).

    Joel got some potential good news last night.  One of his Kendo friends (an older gentleman) is interested in helping Joel finance his documentary and has some other friends that are interested as well.  Could be the seed money he needs to make a few trips to get footage of some of the medical missions that he has been taping so far (he has the prep and planning stages on tape since they are in the area).  He is hoping to go to Guatemala (orthopedic surgeries) and somewhere in Asia (cranial facial / cleft palette repair).  Should know more in the coming weeks.

    And in other minor news, I got my first paycheck on the new job yesterday (salary folks get paid monthly).  Hard to believe I have been here 4 weeks come tomorrow!
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  • And Liz - my allergies are killing me, too.
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  • Oh yeah Liz my allergies are in overdrive! Hoping for rain for you guys to get the pollen off of everything!

    Margot- Did you get your bagel at Brueggers? They have a salmon bagel just like that that I Love!

    Court- the tart is crazy easy. Just roll out the dough (bought in the refrigerator section) on a baking sheet, score a boarder in the dough but not all the way through, poke the dough all over with a fork in the middle of the boarder. Put in a 400 degree oven for 10 mins. Take the crust out and put the cheese in the middle (within the boarder) and then line the asparagus up in a single layer on the cheese. Sprinkle on a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper and bake for another 20 minutes and it is done!

    Kristen- that is awesome that friends are going to help give seed money to Joel for his documentary!

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  • Happy Thursday loves!

    We had a YUMMY dinner last night:  cheese and green chili tamales, Spanish rice and an avocado for me, chips/salsa for DH.  Mmmmmm... so glad I have more tamales for another night!

    I'm having lunch with a girlfriend today at a hibachi restaurant, and then I work the next four days and THEN I'm on vacation for 2 weeks!  Yeehaw!

    Court- Brad is such a sweetie!  Mine would never think to do that!
    Kristen- Good luck to Joel!!
    Margot- boo about forgetting your food!  I hate when I do that! 
    Liz- I was up at 5am this morning, and I know DH tossed/turned a lot last night too.
    Ashley- that sounds really tasty!  Are they little?
  • aww court, yay for Brad doing something so sweet!
    K - yay for the new job paycheck! that month did go really fast.
    i have been busy this mornig already -- went to the DMV to register my car in indiana (about time) and it was pretty painless, which was nice. had to go to kohls to return a purse -- remember that springy purse i had bought in february? the strap broke the first time i used it. bummer!
    today i'm going to spend a little time packing and getting stuff together for my trip.

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  • Happy Thursday!!!

    Yesterday was long for me too. Work, gym and school. Today Robert and I work 7-4 so we carpooled. It's so nice having someone in the car with me at the buttcrack of dawn! Tonight we are taking Sadie for a walk and making caprese sandwhiches. I don't remember how we make them but I do remember they are delish!

    Liz- Hopefully your allergies will subside soon. Mine haven't been bad... yet.
    Margot- I hate when I forget my lunch... but it's a nice excuse to go out! Hope you get something good for lunch!
    Court- What an awesome husband you have! That's a nice little surprise to come home to after a long day.
    Kristen- Yay for good news and a nice paycheck!! Boo on getting paid monthly. I think it would be hard.
    APril- Tamales sound so good right now! I think I'm craving Mexican food.
  • Liz - the pollen is insane!! My car is yellow. I'm so thankful that I don't have horrible allergies!

    Court - gimme some more details on these turkey burgers. I've found that my turkey burgers always come out more bland than when I use hamburger meat. 

    Goooooood morning everyone!

    I've got a busy and productive day today. I was going to go jogging, but it's starting to sprinkle and I hear thunder in the distance, so that's not going to happen. I'm going to try to do an "at home" workout that I found on the WW website. After that I'm off to the grocery store. I have a huge list of stuff to get. But since I'm the world's fastest grocery shopper (seriously - i deserve a medal or something) it won't take me too long. 
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  • lzmac11lzmac11 member
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    Morning Ladies!
    Yesterday sucked.  But thankfully the migraine is gone.  I was relieved of it around 3-4pm yesterday.  I have biffed it on our stairs at home, twice, and this morning the stairs here at work.  My center of gravity has started its move.  Yay!  I am a klutz enough this is going to make life interesting for a while.

    I have a few things on my plate today at work, but not too much. 

    Ash - That recipe sounds yummy!  I love spinach!
    Liz - Sad with no sleep :(  Allergies are starting to kill me too!
    Margot - Sad for leaving food at home.  But that bagel sounds AH-MAZ-ING!
    Court - Those burgers sound delish!  And Way to go Mr Court!!
    K - Yay! for 1 month!!  Way to go for J. 
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  • Ash- that sounds yummy! I love asparagus... I wish I could eat cow dairy and not break out.
    Court- I hope today is better than yesterday.
    Kristen- Crossing my fingers for Joel!

    Add me on to the allergy list. I called out of work sick today... woke up this morning with ridiculous sinus congestion/headache. I probably would have been fine to work but I feel like the stress on top of feeling crappy would put me over the edge and I'd end up getting worse.

    Yesterday I raked the last of the leaves from the fall out of our gardens and was really happy to find that there were new leaves budding on all the hydrangeas we planted last year. The hosta are starting to come up too. Our fence is in really bad shape though and definitely needs to be replaced. It'll be a huge job, we have five different yards that share a border with ours and ours the only one that is completely fenced in with our own fence. John wants to redo the deck too. We'll see...
  • April- It almost looks like a square pizza. It is the size of the baking pan. So yummy!

    Serena- those caprese sandwiches sound so good!

    Lisa- that sucks about that purse! I hope you can return it without a hassle!

    Mel- can you please do my grocery shopping for me? I always have to back track through the store for something I forgot.

    Linds- glad you are back to normal. I have heard that when you are pregnant you can get Vertigo, hopefully it doesn't get too bad. We don't want you hurting yourself!
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  • i was really bummed about that purse! it was a little bit of a hassle, b/c they didn't have the purse anymore and i had lost the receipt, but kohls is pretty great about returns and i got store credit.
    April, now I really want mexican food!
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  • OMG: pollen. Why did I buy a black (on black, ahem) car!? And ...soooo much sneezing (shout out, Colleen!).

    Ashley, yummmz. Will have to try that soon.

    Mel- linky  The feta is essential- so salty and delicious I think the burger would not be nearly as good without it. Use leftover feta on salads or in tacos or in pretty much anything! Totally worth it, even for a budgeter such as ourselves.

    Hai, Kristen! woop woop, paycheck! that's so exciting about Joel getting some fundage. I bet he's stoked.

    April, your dinner sounds so stinkin good! too bad leftovers wouldn't survive the mail :P

    Linds, take it easy on those stairs chick!

    Christine, I'm gonna need you to transplant your gardening knowledge to me somehow. Thx. haha, Brad keeps talking about wanting to plant tomatoes and peppers and herbs. My reaction: does this mean I have to do research and manual labor???

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  • grumble, yawn, grumble....

    Add me to those who didn't sleep well last night.  Oh well, that's why they make Starbucks.

    Court - that is so great about Brad's awesome display of Husband of the Year'ishness yesterday.  I think you should keep him.  And thank you for the shout out.  I sneezed about 23 times in a row this morning and couldn't help but laugh between sneezes. 

    K - I am so excited for Joel!

    I wonder if D will try a turkey burger...  Think I'm going to have to try this out. 

  • Colleen, Brad is a total "meat n taters" kind of guy and he loved them. The same website also has a southwest turkey burger that looks pretty inviting as well.

    Sneezing 23 times, you go D! bahahaha
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  • Court, for all the effort I put in my garden is pretty lackluster. But tomatoes and peppers are super easy to grow. I get most of my plants from my parents... they have a UV setup in their basement and start theirs super early. I also start a few things of my own from seeds. For tomatoes, all they really need is a lot of sun and a cage around them. If you look stuff up online, you'll find a lot about plucking the suckers... in my experience this is totally unnecessary, my parents have never done it and their plants are ridiculously prolific. I've had issues with end rot every year but I'm hoping changing the placement of them will help that. Bell peppers and hot peppers are even easier and I've had the best luck with them out of all the things I've tried to grow. They also need a lot of sun, but are hardier than tomatoes and do better in poor soil. I was having good luck with zucchini too... my plants were full and gorgeous and starting to flower, and then got completely devoured by bugs. Marigolds are supposed to keep bugs away so I'm going to put a border in this year and try the zucchini again.
  • Let me know how the marigolds work out. We have a very poor setup for any type of garden. We live on a hill and there's no ideal spot for all of this. Then, add to it that either side of the house only gets a few hours of sunlight a day because of the surrounding hills. Getting rid of hornets and other pests will have to happen first and foremost. I think the garden is but a dream lol. Maybe I'll pot some herbs in the window and that will suffice his green thumb?
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  • Court - I saw your pins on pinterest about getting rid of hornets and such.  Last year when we moved in there was a nest on the side of the garage.  Z took the hose to it and tore it open and drown most of them.  We then set up about 4 traps (like the ones you pinned) and they were gone.  It took most of the summer but we shouldn't have to worry about them this year.

    This year I am dealing with the ant problem in our backyard.  Anyone know anything about ants?  How to get rid of them in yards?  We have 2 types for sure.  Regular black ants and then Z thinks the others are fire ants.  They are red and much bigger.  I need help!
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  • I can't wait until it's time to barbeque - you girls are making me hungry! I have a really good turkey burger recipe too from Rachel Ray but I'm going to have to try this spinach one.
    I can't wait to get through work today because tonight we are going snowshoeing with fondue dinner. It's with a bunch of other staff members at the ski area where we work so it'll will be lots of fun.

    Linds- I think for ants you poor boiling water over where you see them coming up.
  • I've heard salt also works on ants Linds. 

    So funny thing just happened (you cat people will understand).  I was just walking back from the printer and something started stabbing me in the stomach.  I went to the ladies room and pulled up my shirt and there, stuck in my tank top was one of Pudge's claw sheaths.  D threw one of the throw blankets from the couch in with the load of darks so it must have been in there. 
  • My ant solution is baking soda and white vinegar but we get the baby ants not the big ones. I would go with Andrea's solution of boiling water. Just don't burn yourself!

    Colleen I had one of Maddies claw sheaths in my hair once. I was working out and I must have layed on it and it stuck in my hair. Thankfully I was at home and Philip found it and laughed at me. :)
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  • lzmac11lzmac11 member
    edited March 2012
    I will have to remember those ant destroyers.  Boiling water would be pretty easy. 

    I have to admit I have never had one of Ralphs claws sheaths come out.  Or at least that I noticed.  We do clip his nails.  Which reminds me, he needs it badly! 
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