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August 2010 Weddings

freak out moment!

i'm realizing that my ticker says 2 months and 2 weeks. VERY soon it will say 1 month and 4 weeks.. that freaks me out!!!! but in a good way! i have to get started on favors and invitations!! i know we all have those moments and mine just hit me... i also had a mini freak out th other day when i realized that while we are slow dancing we will have 200 people watching us. i so don't like being the center of attention and will totally be wanting that to end but i will try my best to focus just on FI and not anyone else.

hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Re: freak out moment!

  • Well I wasn't freaked out till you had to go and say something, lol. 

    I don't get freaked out thinking about the stuff I have to do because it's mostly under control, but to think about how fast it's coming up makes me really super anxious. 

    Three months from now I will be married.... wait... what??
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  • In Response to Re: freak out moment!:
    [QUOTE]Three months from now I will be married.... wait... what??
    Posted by lexiarein[/QUOTE]

    wow, that just really puts everything into perspective and you are so right. in 3 months we will go from FI to DH!
  • It is all coming so soon! I can't believe how fast our long engagement has gone by. The next 2 months 3 weeks will go by so fast. It seems like every week I have an appt. or party or something that I need to get in the mail. My social calendar has NEVER been so full!
    The whole 200 eyes on me and fi totally freaks me out! I also don't like being the center of attention very much, and I'm a horrible dancer! But I'm sure that when you are in the moment it will feel so much different.

    I'm sending my test invited to my parents next week. I have a major fear that the post office has given me bad information on postage, so I'm sending ONE of to make sure it arrives to its home safely.

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  • I have 2 months & 8 days -- if anyone should be freaking out it should be us beginning of August ladies! 
  • tinydancer--i agree! 2 months & 2 days... where did the time go??
  • I am so sad the planning is almost over, I have really enjoyed it.
    2 months and one day to go!!

  • I have freak out moments all the time now. I spend a good part of today working on DIY, which is the biggest stress reliever I have right now. Not only do I really enjoy projects, I feel much more relaxed every time I check something off the list. Since we're approaching the 2 month mark, I am not putting anything off and trying to get it all done asap so I can be more relaxed the last week before the wedding.
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  • I know ugh I gotta get my butt in gear -- next weekend I'm doing invites! 
  • I'm not freaked out yet... my to-do list is pretty short now, so I'm just more excited than anything else. I will say though that I don't know what I'm going to do with myself one the planning is over. :)
  • Our to-do list is short as well.  Must get flower arrangements made.  But ours is mostly hurry up and wait.  We'll go to the hobby store, and they'll be out of what we need.  So we wait.
  • I cant believe there are only 88 days left for me. I have been with my fiance for over 9.5 yrs. It will be 10 years just before the wedding! Never thought this day would come!

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