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I hope coffee cuts it this morning......


Re: I hope coffee cuts it this morning......

  • Hahahah, B.  Thanks.  Except now I can't change it.  I tried to the other day and I kept getting an error warning.  Maybe I put the code in wrong? 
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: I hope coffee cuts it this morning......</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: I hope coffee cuts it this morning...... : Birdie asked about matching bags, and the poster to whom I was referring kinda jumped her about matching stuff (and Vera Bradley in general). Then went on to "complain" about her bookends not matching her dog.
    Posted by sarabellam[/QUOTE]

    <div>Ahhh ok. I didn't get the matching part. I thought you were saying it was ironic that someone was questioning the style of VB by calling it fug but then also owning up to having dog bookends which I don't consider particularly stylish.</div><div>
    </div><div>Abb, I was so excited! I got literally 100 new followers from that. Yeah, I'm a nerd. What's your twitter name? (PM me if it's private)</div>
  • I never stuck anything in my ears or nose.  I only went to the ER once as a child.  Needed 8 stitches when I was 9 because chin meeting ice at the ice skating rink is not pretty.
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  • I never went to the ER until I was in medical school, and that was to collect a patient!  Call me very lucky.

    Adamar -- it was the Refinery in Seminole Heights.
  • Yep B, me either, I never shoved things anywhere I just broke a gazillion bones being rough.  I stayed in the ER for something broken.  My mom said yesterday my sister shoved a ton of french fries up her nose.  It didn't require an ER trip, but it was an experience cleaning it all out.  
  • Hmm definitely not the place I was thinking of.  Sounds interesting though!

    I haven't gone to ER as an adult except with H for his lungs.  I finally yelled at him and made him make a doctor's appointment since he's been complaining about chest pain for a couple weeks now.  I really hope he doesn't need more surgery.
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  • I have only had to go to the ER twice myself.  Once when I was in High school and got my finger tips cut off in a hotel room door, and once a few years ago when my horse kicked me in the head.
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  • Oh I lied.  You reminded me Habs.  My horse bucked me off and I landed right on my lower back.  My mom freaked out and made me go to the hospital.   My poor boyfriend at the time had left the barn to go to the gas station or something, and came back to an ambulance.  Poor guy.  That scared the crap out of him.
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  • Em - it's abbalish.  I don't tweet much.  I always say I'm going to tweet more but I really don't have much to say! 
  • I've only been to the ER once, when I was in kindgergarden for one of my worst cases of pneumonia (and fever of 106.6).

    And I've been once with H. We were visiting his mom and her cat tore his upper lip open. He needed 5 stitches. She was just sitting in his lap sleeping and he was petting her, then suddenly she leapt up and attacked his face, almost scratched his eye but luckily missed.
  • Morning ladies, it's rainy and cold this morning making it not so easy to get going on the day.  I don't think I ever stuck odd objects in my body, I learned from my cousins that it was a bad idea. :)
  • Morning everyone.

    I've  got nothing today, just hoping it doesn't drag like the rest of this week has been.

    Hope everyone's week chill out and head back towards something more normal.
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  • Oh yeah I've also been to the ER for mono.  I guess I block out my memories of going to hospital. 
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  • Good morning!
    Hope everyone has a great day, and that everyone gets healthy fast in the Mrs. B household.

    Gonna P&R then head into work.

    I've been to the ER twice for a fractured elbow (the third time I said screw it and just wrapped it and kept it in a sling.)  And a few times for asthma.  

    Beanie, I missed you in the night thread, but please tell your H that I promise not to make a skin suit out of you on Sunday!

  • Good morning! 

    I've never been to the ER or hospital or anything. Remember those magnetic earrings? My sister tried to put one on her nose and sucked it up there and had to go get it taken out. That was like 15 years ago and we still tease her about it.

    Ugh, I really want to drop this class I have today at 11 but I can't find anything to replace it. Boo.
  • It should totally help.  Graduates of our esteemed university do not make skin suits out of people.  Jesus wouldn't like it.

  • Sounds like you ladies had quite an evening/morning. I stuck a bead up my nose when I was J's age. That was not a fun ER trip.

  • KPS!  There's new KPS!  From yesterday?  Did I miss a discussion thread?

  • Gah, and I have to leave right now too...

  • I feel for my mom, she has been to the ER with my stepdad and brother enough to last a lifetime. Oyster cutting a foot open, broken foot, chainsaw to the face, falling through the foot, motorcycle crash, matchbox car wheel up the nose. Fun times in the Sesh house growing up!
  • Morning! 

    Stacks, I hope J feels better. I read on TN last week about a little girl getting a bug stuck in her ear so J is lucky it was only popcorn.
  • Holy cow Sesh! And I thought I was accident prone!

  • Morning all.

    I have never broken anything or stuck anything places it didn't belong. I did go to the ER when I sprained my ankle working at camp and this summer when I couldn't breathe and had chest pain. I never had any problems as a child though.
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  • On the ER theme, I've been to the ER twice, once with each daughter. Older daughter put a pop-top from a Sprite in her mouth when we were in the car. We hit a bump and she accidently swallowed it, and told me it felt like it was stuck in her throat. Fortunately it wasn't, and all they did for her was prescribe lots of fruits and veggies to amp up her fiber intake. Younger daughter sliced her toe open on an oyster shell on her 10th birthday last year.
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    So you know what's stupid?  I was just searching flights and priced out a flight.  I've been price checking for months now and it's almost to where I want it.  Well I picked all the flights and it ended up being $33 more than what it told me it was yesterday even though the cost per person per way was still the same.  I was confused.

    Then I realized that one of my flights was not nonstop.  I switched it to a nonstop one and it went down $33.  So basically you get charged more taxes and fees for having stops on your flight.  First off, who wouldn't want a nonstop flight?  Secondly, who would pay more for a flight with layovers willingly if you have nonstop options and they're less money?

    Just a little thing I learned today.  Carry on.
  • Good Morning! I went for a run on the beach. I wanted to post a pic, but my phone is dumb and takes an eternity to send me pics. So just imagine it.

    I've been to the ER a bunch of times. I was hopitalized for dehydration when I was like 3. I broke my wrist when I was 5. I had to go for my first kidney stone because I didn't know what was happening and thought I was dying. And a few other times that I don't recall.

    I don't think I ever stuck things in orafices, but my dad did come down one morning to find my brother feeding me straight pins and eating them himself. I shoud note neither of us actually ingested them, but we went to the ER anyway because we were like 3 and 2. How would my parents know if we swallowed them or not without x-rays?
  • Good morning ladies. I am sleepy and bored out of my freakin mind already and it is not even 7 lame... fuuck I should have stayed home and slept.
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  • And Beanie you better be there Sunday!
  • I want to go home and play with my kitty (who is still no name.  I suck). 

    Tonight the local ski hill opens for thrifty thursday (cheap night skiing) and I can't wait to get out on my board this year!  It's snowing today too, which is awesomeness. 
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  • I'm so jealous Habs. I haven't skied in years. I think the last time was 2006 in Spain.
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